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On Behalf of Those at the Bottom of the Economic Ladder

Dear Source:

Good Day Governor Kenneth Mapp:

I watched the Sunday 9/10 Post Hurricane Irma briefing posted on The Virgin Islands Consortium.

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Thank you for doing these briefings and for their open and inviting tones.

Thank you also VITEMAVirgin Islands National Guard , FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency and the rest of the relief team.

As different voices on the different islands organize and project nationwide, I have a favor to ask. Really it is a plea to the Government House of the U.S. Virgin Islands and our Federal partners.

I am just one voice but if my voice can matter at all, I make this plea on behalf of the men and women on the bottom of the economic pyramid with the unorganized voices.

I ask that the relief resources allocated to the citizens of the U.S. Virgin Islands be distributed and prioritized using a humanitarian standard of care that is not weighted by wealth, occupation, race, nationality or the socio-economic geography of a particular island.

Four islands form one territory of the United States Virgin Islands that have a Coat of Arms with the motto – United in Pride and Hope.

Dire needs, good deeds and family of resilient people — that must be the only story that is projected nationwide #USVIHurricaneIrma #USVIstrong.

Thank you for listening.

Very Sincerely, Sharon A. Simmons, A Proud Jewel of the U.S. Virgin Islands

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