About Us

The U.S. Virgin Islands News Publication of Record

Launched in January 1999 – the islands’ first and only daily internet newspaper – the VI Source soon became the “news publication of record” for the U.S. Virgin Islands. It took off immediately despite the absence of high speed internet in the islands for several years following the start up.

Today, more than 200,000 loyal and distinct readers use the Source every month – with its three publications: St. Thomas Source, St. Croix Source and St. John Source – as their source of reliable, insightful and consistently credible reporting of news and events on all three major islands.

Today the Source steadfastly continues its mission to provide an independent voice of hope and solutions, while straightforwardly exposing the egregious shortcomings and failings of the community for its members at home and abroad. For more than 20 years, readers have had access to unlimited information – 24 hours a day, online, 365 days a year, without cost and without fail through several devastating hurricanes, power outages, and severe economic crises.

A global innovator

The Source was for more than a decade and quite possibly remains the only online only – non-affiliated newspaper of general circulation in the world – a designation conferred by the V.I. Commissioner of Property and Procurement in 2001, just two years after the publication’s launch.

Respected on island and off

Our reputation for credibility, integrity, community service and determination has earned the Source regular attribution and quotation by media outlets, national columnists and government officials.

Recognized source of essential information

Source publications are accessed more than once a day by 80 percent of its readers for:

  • Breaking news
  • Valued and varied opinion
  • Astute and well-researched analysis
  • Community events
  • Organizations
  • Activities
  • Entertainment
  • Statistics
  • Government news and updates
  • Archives

A foundation of personal commitment, experience and love for the islands

Shaun A. Pennington, former president and today publisher emeritus of the Source, has lived and worked in the Virgin Islands for nearly 40 years. In 2001, Pennington was given the prestigious Person of the Year Award by the St. Thomas Rotary II for her work in establishing the Source. Since then she has been honored for entrepreneurship and advertising acumen, and has been acknowledged for her community activism with the Family Resource Center’s 2017 Peacemaker Award.

Respect for the news industry peers

The Source was one of only four finalists in the category of general excellence from thousands of applicants in the Online Journalism Awards, presented by the Online News Association and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in 2002, just two years after the awards were established. The Source received its first national attention from journalist and media expert Steve Outing in Editor & Publisher magazine in 2001.

A Century of Experience

Source editors and reporters can easily boast a cumulative 100 years of living, working and reporting in the U.S. Virgin Islands. They bring a treasure trove of institutional knowledge and memory to our stories and incomparable series on matters of enduring importance to the territory’s businesses, residents and diaspora.

The Long Haul

Nearly 20 years later, the Source still stands as the most credible and respected news publication in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Long after many who started out in the new medium were gobbled up by larger media conglomerates or forced to go to subscription, the Source has held to its course of remaining independent, online only and free to its readers. That was only possible as a result of loyal, satisfied advertisers and community members who have provided private donations.