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There Are Benefits to Becoming an Independent Contractor

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A solution and a better use of our human resources would be independent contracting.

All are not college bound. When we send our children out into society without a viable trade or a marketable skill, we are breeding generations of beggars, criminals, thieves, welfare recipients. 

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No child should leave school without a trade. Those college students with a trade could easily supplement their education without going into deep student loan debt.

In today’s economic atmosphere, it would be more of an advantage for individuals to offer their services as opposed to asking for a job. An independent contractor would still have the ability to work for someone and for themselves. As an independent contractor, your services would be made more marketable.

The benefits from this licensing arrangement would help to encourage and to establish a home cottage industry, increase the tax base, reduce unemployment and welfare, including addressing some of our social ills caused by the lack of work opportunities and self-esteem.

 The biggest drawback from this licensing status is that the independent contractor is responsible for their own taxes, pension, health and life insurance. A solution is to find an established group insurance provider that would pick up these artisans, or to create a group health and insurance plan to accommodate this group. 

GERS serving as that entity to include this group of Virgin Islands workers, by covering them would be a holistic solution for the independent contractors and the System, itself.

Ivan Butcher II, St. Croix

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