WAPA St. Thomas Business Office Moving to Port of Sale Mall

The V.I. Water and Power Authority board voted during a special meeting Friday to let acting Executive Director Julio Rhymer enter into three leases for commercial office space at Port of Sale Mall on St. Thomas. The leases were the only items on the agenda, according to a statement from WAPA.

Rhymer told board members that a current lease for space now occupied by WAPA’s business and financial offices is set to expire in early March and WAPA does not want to renew the lease.

“The location is simply not the most conducive or suitable for the work of the 50 or so employees and parking is a challenge," Rhymer said in a WAPA statement.

Rhymer said the space at Port of Sale Mall is a newer, more suitable location for conducting business, and the location is close to WAPA’s executive offices, making it easier to conduct day to day business operations.

“At this location we will have little in the way of build out and preparation costs as these units are pretty much ready to receive our employees. It is just a matter of moving cubicles, desks and chairs," Rhymer said.

The board members present voted unanimously to facilitate the lease agreements. Board members in attendance included Chairman Gerald Groner, Vice Chairwoman Juanita Young, Secretary Noel Loftus and members Cheryl Boynes Jackson and Marvin Pickering. Members Elizabeth Armstrong and Commissioners Gustav James and Devin Carrington were absent.

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