Save Mandahl Bay; Let Your Voices Be Heard

Dear Source:
I am outraged at the fact that our former and present Governors feel they have a right to sell us out once again with the false pretense that they will be creating 700 local jobs when in actuality they are blind siding us but leasing Mandahl Bay out for 99 years to outsiders.
I am Taino. I am indigenous to the Virgin Islands. My Governor could not donate 10 acres of land to our indigenous heritage, to build a village that would teach our community and our future generations the importance of who we are and why it is important to save our natural resources. We do not need another marina. We need to save our Coral Reefs, our Sea Turtles, our eco systems. Can you imagine how many species of fish and other sea life will be displaced because of these actions?
Mandahl Bay was a salt pond what history has taught me in these islands everywhere that has a salt pond presently was occupied by my ancestors the Taino. I hope to see someone from the Source 10 a.m., Tuesday morning to hear what the developers have to say. We as a community have to stand up and stop this. A handful of people is not enough. I am making a plea to our Local Community to let their voices be heard. Please feel free to contact me.
Maekiaphan Phillips, president of Opi’a Taino and Opi’a Taino International Inc.
6544 Estate Nazareth, St. Thomas, V.I. 00802-1135 (514-5665)

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