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(Columnist's note: Greetings from Laguna Beach, Calif., overlooking the currently gray Pacific, while the recall vote is in progress. In these articles, I try for a balance that works for both people who know astrology and people who don't. Usually sent out around New and Full Moons, my writing is more sporadic while traveling. To catch up, this one is longer than usual.)
Oct. 10, 2003 — Day by day and night by night the celestial choreography is moving toward the special Full Moon eclipse on November 8, being called the Harmonic Concordance. There is a lot out there on this eclipse and folks have written me asking for my thoughts on this special moment. It's a powerful moment in the cosmic dance. Let's look at the current planetary patterns that are leading up to it.
I last wrote in mid-August, commenting on the unusual Mars energy, its brightness and retrograde cycle, and its extended conjunction to Uranus, just changing sign for the first time in seven years. This excited duo was opposite the lovely trio of Sun, Venus and Jupiter aligned with the royal star Regulus. This heightened dynamic was a peak of the summer. The Mars and Venus tango, then opposite, continues to evolve in a creative, emotional dynamic that stirs the feelings and keeps us dancing. As much attention as Mars has had this summer, Venus will soon be visible and is having her say, her way, her day, as a keynote for joy in life.
Mars retrograde, especially at such a point of historic brilliance, reflected a deep piece of inner work, sorting through and reworking desires to align with the new current of energy accelerated by the higher mind influence of Uranus. Desires lead to action. The Mars retrograde until the end of September, suggested in many cases that the best action was to align our will with divine will rather than push out against world. Some things we can't change, no matter how hard we try. What is in your purview to change? Your self and the way you are thinking about things. Your desires and what you are directing your energy toward. Now moving forward, Mars completes its retrograde loop on the November 8 eclipse, coming back to 10 degrees Pisces where it was when it started retrograde in July. It is now becoming time to act on the new impulses and in new directions.
Saturn newly in Cancer and Chiron in Capricorn are making an extended opposition, very close from September through November. The Saturn reality is responding to Cancer needs, and is being reshaped by the sacred geometry of Chiron in Capricorn. How you are feeling and experiencing this reshaping is based on your level of openness or resistance to the new forms and flow. Any resistance may be based on old patterns you are holding onto that no longer offer growth. Saturn and Chiron are making it abundantly clear that certain things are not working! The growth potential is huge and timely.
My Cancer Moon is feeling this, as I have been journeying since July 6, moving fairly quickly through various places and spaces, rather like Alice in Wonderland. I have been revisiting places that feel like home, other places that I regularly visit, and some new places. Cancer evokes memories. With Saturn and Chiron imposing new patterns, the "past" is changing. I feel these shifts inward as well as outward, moving me toward new unfoldment. Growth of a new order is called for, as Saturn in Cancer evokes new needs, personally as well as collectively. With Chiron in Capricorn, it is obvious the old order is not working. Is recall the answer?
The New and Full Moon of October, on the 10th and the 25th, play strongly into the Saturn-Chiron opposition. During the Libra New Moon on September 25th, Venus was right in the middle of the opposition, highlighting relationship dynamics and seeking harmony on all levels. The succeeding Full Moon on October 10th lands right in the heart of the opposition as well. The Moon and Sun are in 17 Aries and Libra, creating a grand square with those two big players. Chiron and Saturn both seek manifestation; together they can create magic of a new order. This Full Moon suggests a turning point and decisions made. For instance, what are the larger implications of the unusual California election?
The Sabian Symbol of the 17 Aries Full Moon degree is:
There are two sides to this degree: a meditative communion based on integrity of self, or an inability to live life to its fullest. Coming on the heels of the Mars retrograde, it appears we are still considering the true and most appropriate course of action. It is not appropriate to make these decisions based solely on past experience. This is a new deal if you see it that way. Step forth.
The Full Moon is reflecting the Sun at 17 Libra:
This is another quiet degree, of witnessing rather than participating. There are certain activities we are retiring from, as we necessarily move forward in these times of change, seeking the vitality of new growth and blossoming. Are we attached to the old memories? As we move our center of attention from physical to mental activity, we can be much more effective. Focusing our minds to direct life force results in a more efficient use of physical effort. It's a mental-emotional effort, with Mars in Pisces. Let's get our best feelings behind our efforts, for the delight of Venus. Mars and Venus are smiling at each other during this Full Moon.
Looking forward to the New Moon in Scorpio on October 25, the mental focus is emphasized by an exact conjunction of Mercury at 2 degrees Scorpio, igniting new perceptions:
As we let go of the past, let's appreciate the beauty of the experience, remembering its fragrance rather than regrets. Appreciation is a powerful positive emotion, a power of Venus. This fragrant image is very Venusian. Indeed, Venus is conjunct the South Node at this New Moon, releasing strong emotions. Following the feelings that feel good brings joy, delight and all the gifts of Venus. This is the New Moon that plants the seeds of the eclipse to follow. Set your sights.
The November 8-9 eclipse is in Taurus/Scorpio, a total eclipse with an unusual pattern. The Sun in Scorpio is part of a grand trine in water, connecting with Saturn and Mars, strengthening the new wave of feeling coming in. The Full Moon in Taurus joins a close alignment with Chiron in Capricorn and Jupiter in Virgo in earth signs, auguring a shift in Earth energy, manifestations and practical results. Water and earth are the feminine, yin elements, increasing the receptive mode to spiritual input. These two trines interlace, making a 6-pointed Star of David pattern, symbolizing the union of spirit and matter. These interlaced triangles are also the core of the sacred Shri Yantra, a geometric pattern resonant with the great goddess.
This six-pointed star also features three mystic rectangles. These rectangles connect four planets through trines and sextiles. Like squares, rectangles are made of 90-degree angles that manifest energy. In astrology squares require effort; trines and sextiles offer smooth-flowing energy for accomplishment. These mystic rectangles allow ease in creation, without the effort usually required. Again we witness the shift from physical effort to mental-emotional-spiritual attunement for manifestation, as supported by Chiron in Capricorn and the Mars consciousness shift.
Another ongoing pattern this season is the Finger of God, formed by two planets pointing at one planet in quincunxes (I love that word.). Quincunxes channel a strong flow of energy that needs to be kept in tune, like a piano that doesn't sound so good when it's out of tune. Saturn and Jupiter form The Finger pointing at Neptune in Aquarius. In the higher atmospheres there are heightened shifts in the electromagnetic
field of Earth. This is the cosmic Internet. We're plugged in and experiencing a new level of psychic perception. Going from retrograde to direct on October 23, Neptune has been in the same degree for an extended period of time. Will another image be inspiring? Look at this symbol for 11 degrees Aquarius:
The creative aspect of the higher mind is receiving a new inspiration from the cosmic Internet, offering a new perspective, to be applied to social change and global communion.
The lovely Star of David at the heart of the eclipse is a truly beautiful inspiration.
There is more to it, of course, including a rather juicy side involving Mars and Venus in square to each other, a continuation of the summer tango. This creative combo is dancing with Jupiter in Virgo, inviting in the wisdom of the Earth goddess. Our instinctive body wisdom seeks a natural rhythm in tune with the cycle of the seasons. We dance with this rhythm, for enhanced emotional satisfaction and excitement. Virgo is one of the most sensual signs, responding in a sense of service for the good of all. Pluto ongoing in Sagittarius is encouraging the transformational energy, stretching our perception of truth. What are you prepared to believe? Such a potent moment constellates a surge of attention that adds new dimension to our collective vision. There is such power in these Big Moments. Let's use our mythic imagination.
The Sun of the Eclipse at 17 Scorpio:
The Sun, this pregnant woman, is casting the shadow of the Earth across the Moon. Are we her unborn child? The Sun continues to exude extra flares, sending its strong winds into the solar system.
This is the eclipsed image of the Moon at 17 Taurus:
Astrologer Dane Rudhyar calls this a struggle between might and enlightenment, physical desires and higher inspirations. If we have done our Mars work and opened our minds to the new inspiration, led by the joy, the delight, the alchemy of love, the light will shine from the darkness. Rather than the big bang, this is the Big Bloom, as a huge surge of love energy is poured into our hearts.
Get your mind out of the way for this surge. The Black Moon Lilith enters Gemini on the eclipse. An invisible point that marks the second focus of the Moon's orbit around the Earth, the Black Moon is intimately involved in the
Earth-Moon dynamic. With the secret smile of the Cheshire Cat, Lilith utters Zen koans to stop the mind in its habitual tracks, to go beyond rational expectations. She asks:

How do you know but ev'ry Bird
That cuts the airy way
Is an immense world of delight,
Clos'd by your senses five?

One more thing to remember about this well-promoted eclipse: it is followed by an equally potent total eclipse of the Sun. As we engage the powerful surge of energy that is released at the Full Moon eclipse, the New Moon eclipse gives rise to a new vision. On November 23rd, the solar eclipse occurs at 2 degrees Sagittarius. Prepare a new arrow from your Sagittarian quiver and let it fly as the new crescent Moon appears in the evening sky on November 25 — right near Venus. What can be more lovely? Just imagine!

Editor's note: Astrologer Kelley Hunter lives in St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands, where she leads stargazing nights and teaches with Self Centre International at Caneel Bay Resort. During January-February she is astrologer-in-residence for the Omega Institute programs in the Caribbean. Hunter recently earned her doctoral degree in an interdisciplinary combination of philosophy, cosmology and myth. To be on her e-mail list for monthly articles or for an astrology consultation, write kellhunter@earthlink.net.

Copyright 2003 by M. Kelley Hunter

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