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‘Together, Forever’

Half a dozen young people, local artists and music producers have created a peace song for Carnival 2014. Read more about the song.  

New Years Statement and Thanks from Gov. deJongh

Gov. John deJongh Jr. offers News Years wishes, and thanks to the people of the Virgin Islands for the honor of electing him to serve as their governor.

Commissioner Discusses Homicide

Police Commissioner Rodney F. Querrard Sr. discusses the Thursday, Sept. 4, 2014, homicide of Keithroy Caines at Oswald Harris Housing Court.

Ed Commissioner Welcomes Students, Faculty for New School Year

With schools across the territory getting ready for a Sept. 2 opening date, V.I. Education Commissioner Donna Frett-Gregory told the community the Education Department is focused on "putting in the framework we need to support our students, our teachers and our administrators."

Police Seek Missing 9-Year-Old

Police are searching for missing 9-year-old Tenaji Wheatley. The story can be found here.  

Querrard Comments on Double Homicide

Police Commissioner Rodney Querrard calls the April 11 homicide in Anna's Retreat a retaliation crime, and says everyone in the community must do their part to stem the violence.

Education Commissioner Discusses Central High Contingency Plan

Education Commissioner Donna Frett-Gregory on Wednesday, March 19, discusses contingency plans for St. Croix Central High School. The campus has been closed due to the sporadic outbreak of an odor which has caused some students and faculty to report symptoms including dizziness and nausea.  

Scammers Claim They’re Police

Unknown people are calling people all over the world and claiming to be the V.I. Police Department, demanding money or they will be prosecuted for crimes they didn't commit, even if they have never been in the territory.  

Police Commissioner Talks About Guns

Police Commissioner Rodney Querrard Sr. says the department will pursue investigations on the firing of guns to celebrate New Years Eve, and says police are working with federal agencies to curb the influx of guns in the territory.

End of Year Message from V.I. Police Commissioner Rodney Querrard

In a year end message to the community, V.I. Police Commissioner Rodney Querrard urged Virgin Islanders to forgo marking the new year with a barrage of gunfire and warning that the police will be attempting to monitor and enforce it.

Querrard Warns About Replica-Firearms

Prompted by an incident on St. Croix and a tragedy in California, Police Commissioner Rodney Querrard on Oct. 31 warned U.S.V.I. residents about the danger of carrying and brandishing replica firearms that look like the real thing.

Governor Discusses Upcoming Hovensa Hearing

In an audio file released Oct. 31, 2013, by Government House, Gov. John deJongh Jr. said he is eager for the upcoming Senate hearing on the proposed Hovensa deal, which he said could speed sale of the shuttered refinery and lead to renewed economic activity.  

Gov. deJongh Reacts to Senate Action, Oct. 24, 2013

On Oct. 23, 2013, the Senate, meeting in full session, decided not to vote on the proposed Hovensa Fourth Amendment, sending it instead to the Committee of the Whole for further testimony. The next day, Gov. John deJongh Jr. commented, saying he was disappointed, but not surprised, and expressing...

Querrard Seeks Community Help in Stemming Violence

On Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2013, U.S. Virgin Islands Police Commissioner Rodney Querrard urged the community to be part of the solution by reporting crimes when they witness them.

Governor’s Address on V.I. Economy

On Wednesday, June 5, Gov. John deJongh Jr. presented a radio address outlining the economic problems facing the territory and proposing legislation to deal with it.

Shootings Force Early End to J’Ouvert

On Thursday, April 25, the St. Thomas community was enjoying J'Ouvert when the celebration was shattered by gunshots which injured three people. Public safety officials immediately canceled the remainder of J'Ouvert.

‘Lion in the Jungle’

The song by Willis and the Illest, featuring St. Thomas reggae star Pressure, will be available for download April 16.

The Sounds of New Year – Gunfire at Crystal Gade, St. Thomas – 2

Another reader sent in this recording of gunshots, also taken near the middle of Charlotte Amalie near Crystal Gade.

The Sound of New Years – Gunfire from Above All Saints Church, St. Thomas

As church bells ring in the first minutes of 2013, gunfire erupts in the night sky. The person who sent this in, who is familiar with firearms, identified at least seven weapons – five pistols, a .22, a 9 mm, 40 mm, .357 and .45, plus shotguns and "the...

The Sounds of New Year – Gunfire at Crystal Gade, St. Thomas – 1

This three and a half minutes of New Year's gunfire was recorded at midnight at at Crystal Gade, near the center of Charlotte Amalie on St. Thomas. The sound of automatic weapons fire is pretty clear.



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