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U.S. Virgin Islands Capital Should Have a Flag

Dear Source:

          Charlotte Amalie, located on the island of St. Thomas, is the capital of the United States Virgin Islands. It was founded in 1666 as Taphus (meaning “beer house” or “beer hall”). The city is named after Charlotte Amalie of Hesse-Kassel (1650–1714), queen consort to King Christian V of Denmark-Norway. Its deep-water harbor was once a haven for pirates in past centuries. Then Charlotte Amalie became one of the busiest cruise ship ports in the Caribbean.

The city is known for its Danish architecture, building structure and history, and a dozen streets and places throughout the city have Danish names. Downtown on Main Street is home to many retail outlets making St. Thomas a free duty shopping destination.

I think Charlotte Amalie, the capital, should have a flag in its historic district. The flag features a vertical triband with red outer bands, a single white band in the middle and Charlotte Amalie of Hesse-Kassel (Queen of Denmark) with her monogram.

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Leonard Smith, St. Thomas

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  1. Joseph Reply

    Dumb idea from someone who must be a member of that ignoble group “The Friends of Denmark.”
    I think the capital should be renamed.

  2. Anonymous Reply


  3. Anonymous Reply

    Don’t criticize because I think it’s an good idea for our territory capital.

    • Alma Francis Heyliger Reply

      The actual name is of the city and name of the danish Queen was Charlotte Amalia. There was a typo on the world map when we were bought by America hence we got stuck with Charlotte Amalie. As it relates to the flag I don’t think this suggestion is a necessary one. But if you must insist maybe the flag should show the slaves who actually build all those Danish buildings and or maybe the revolt that the slaves had to free themselves from under the cruelty of danis rule. Or better yet why don’t we just change the name of the Capitol instead of the name of a queen of a county who under their rule RAPED, killed, mamed and toutued the ancestors of the majority of the residents of the people of the Virgin Islands. Hey we can all have ideas…

      • Joseph Reply

        @ Alma Francis Heyliger:

        Talk about “typos”?
        Did you proofread your comment for grammatical, spelling and capitalization errors?
        And you wish to be our Senator?

  4. Alma Francis Heyliger Reply

    Joseph I did it on my mobile phone which at times changes words. But thank you for bringing it to my attention. But my message still stand. I do hope this respond is a little better as I am still on mobile. Sometimes when we spend more time to correct the messenger as a distraction the message goes over our heads.

  5. Alma Francis Heyliger Reply

    Joseph seems it did it again. I type stands it changed to stand. I put response it has respond. Might have to turn off this auto thing. But at the end of the day my response on the opinion about the flag is still received.

    • Joseph Reply

      OK. Understood.

  6. Anonymous Reply

    A flag with a Danish queen? Please…

  7. Anonymous Reply

    USVI has more pressing problems. IE budget and crime .

  8. Anonymous Reply

    i agree with alma ! Danish queen my backside ! glen j smith

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