Governor’s Thanksgiving Day Message

Gov. Mapp’s Thanksgiving Day message is to focus on the blessings we all have even in the midst of so…

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Half a dozen young people, local artists and music producers have created a peace song for Carnival 2014. To read more about the song, click here.

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‘The Gruffalo’ to Play at UVI Little Theatre Thanksgiving Weekend

“The Gruffalo,” directed by Pamela New, is a 'fun-tastic' show by UVI's Little Theatre students. It's a family friendly show to be performed Thanksgiving weekend.

2015-11-26 12:40:00
V.I. Veterans of the Vietnam War Documentary to Be Shown Dec. 1-3

V.I. American Legion District 10 will present a locally-made documentary on Virgin Islanders who served in the Vietnam War. “Proudly We Served: Virgin Islands Veterans of the Vietnam War” is a compilation of 25 interviews conducted with the intention of preserving the history of the territory and honor the military service of those who served during the conflict.

2015-11-26 12:25:40
Mapp Approves One, Denies Two EDA Tax Benefit Applications

Gov. Kenneth Mapp approved the application of Spectrum Engineering Inc., a St. Croix-based engineering and construction firm, for Economic Development Authority benefits this week.

2015-11-25 22:41:45
Data — St. Thomas
Directory Of Government Officials And Agencies (Executive Branch)


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John P. DeJongh
St. Croix Tel: 340-773-1404, Tel: 340-772-1000, Fax: 340-713-9806
St. Thomas Tel: 340-774-0001, Fax: 340-774-1361
St. John: Tel: 340-776-8484, Fax: 340-776-6992
Lieutenant Governor
Gregory R. Francis
St. Croix Tel: 340- 773-6449, Fax: 340-773-0330
 St. Thomas Tel: 340-774-2991, Fax: 340- 774-6953
Chief of Staff – Pamela Berkowsky, Tel: 340-693-4321, email:
Deputy Chief of Staff--Nathan Simmonds, Tel: 340-693-4311, email:       
Assistant to the Governor for External Affairs—Vacant
Assistant to the Governor for Public Policy—vacant
Legal Counsel— Michelle Meade, Tel: 340-693-4312, email:
Communications Director—Jean P. Greaux, Jr. 340-693- 4361; email:, 
Confidential Assistant to the Governor-vacant
Office of Fiscal & Economic Recovery Implementation-vacant
Office of Information and Technology-Acting Director-- Acting Director Angel Turnbull, Tel: 340-774-1013, email:
Special Assistant to the Governor--Luis Sylvester, Tel: 340-693-4352, email:
Chief of Staff-- Raymond J. Williams, email:
Executive Assistant--Sonia L. Boyce, email:
Press Secretary-- Celeste Lawrence, email:
Executive Assistant to Chief of Staff-- Monique Wenner, email:
Director of Operations-- Delbert Hewitt, email:
Office of the Lieutenant Governor (Other):
Administration: St. Croix Tel: 340-773-6449, Fax: 340-773-0330 ,    St. Thomas Tel: 340-774-2991 Fax: 340- 774-6953

Banking & Insurance:
Director—John McDonald, St. Thomas -- Tel: 340-774-7166 Fax: 340- 774-9458, St. Croix –Tel: 340- 773-6459 Fax: 340- 719-3801, email:
Corporations & Trademarks:
Director -- Denise Johannes,St. Thomas Tel: 340-776-8515, Fax: 340- 776-4612, St. Croix Tel: 340- 773-6449 Fax: 340- 773-0330, email:
Passport Office:
DirectorSt. Thomas—Tina Callwod, Tel: 340-774-4024, Fax: 340- 779-1171,
Director St. Croix-- Barbara Acoy, Tel: 340-773-6449, Fax: 340- 773-0330,
 Recorder of Deeds:
St. Thomas/St.John Recorder—Wilma Hart Smith-- Tel: 340-774-990, Fax: 340- 776-4612 , email:
St. Croix Recorder-- Althea Pedro, Tel: 340-773-6449, Fax: 340- 719-3638,
Tax Assessor's Office:
Tax Assessor -- Roy L. Martin, St. Thomas and St. John -- Tel: 340- 776-8505,
340- 776-6737 Fax:340- 776-4612, 340- 693-9916, email:
St. Croix (Christiansted) -- Tel: 340- 773-6459, Fax: 340- 773-4052
St. Croix (Frederiksted) -- Tel: 340- 772-3115, Fax: 340- 772-9325
VI State Health Insurance Program / Medicare:
Director of VI-SHIP/Medicare-- Rena Sarauw, Tel: 340- 772-7368, Fax: 340- 772-9120,

Department of Agriculture
St. Croix – Tel: 340- 778-0997, Fax: 340- 778-7977
St. Thomas-- Tel: 340-774-5182, Fax: 340-774-1823 
St. John-- Tel: 340- 776-6274 
Commissioner -- Louis E. Petersen, Tel: 340-774-5181, email:  
Deputy Commissioner—Errol Chichesper, Tel: email:
Asst. Commissioner--Luther Renee, Tel: 340-778-0991 ext. 222, email:
Department of Education
Commissioner--LaVerne Terry,Tel: 340- 774-2810, Fax: 340- 779-7153, email:
Asst. Commissioner-- Donna Frett-Gregory, Tel: 340-776-5687, email:
Insular Superintendent of Schools for St. Thomas-St. John District – Jeanette Smith-Barry,
 Tel: 340- 775-2250, ext 8570
Deputy Insular Superintendent of Schools for the St. Thomas-St. John District - Michael Harrigan, Tel: 340- 775-2250, ext 8550/ Joseph Sibilly, Tel: 340- 775-2250, ext 8532
Insular Superintendent of Schools for St. Croix—Gary Molloy, Tel: 340-773-1747
Deputy Commissioner for Curriculum and Instruction---Sarah Mahurt, Tel: 340- 773-1095, ext 8042
Department of Finance
Commissioner-- Angel E. Dawson, Jr., Tel: 340-774-4750, email:
Asst. Commissioner-- Valdamier Collens, Tel: 340-774-4750, email:

Department of Health
Acting Commissioner-- Fern P. Clarke, Tel: 340-774-0117, Fax: 340-777-4001,
Asst. Commissioner—vacant
Department of Sports, Parks & Recreation
Commissioner-St. Claire N. Williams, St. Thomas Office Tel: 340-774-0255, Fax: 340-774-4600
St. Croix Office Tel: 340-773-0160, email:
Asst. Commissioner, St. Thomas-Stanley Smith, Tel: 340-774-0255, Fax: 340-774-4600
Asst. Commissioner, St. Croix-- Pedro Encarnacion, Tel: 340-773-0160/0271; Fax: 340-773-3150
Department of Human Services
Commissioner--Christopher E. Finch, Tel: 340-773-2980, email:
Asst. Commissioner., St. Croix-Carla Benjamin, Tel: 340-773-2323
Asst. Commissioner, St. Thomas—Michal Rhymer-Charles, Tel: 340-774-0930

Department of Justice
Attorney General--Vincent Frazer, Tel: 340-774-5666, ext. 107, Fax: 340-774-9710,
Chief Deputy Attorney General—Wayne Anderson, Tel: 340-774-5666, ext. 103
Deputy Attorney General—(Acting) Kenrick Robertson, Tel: 340-773-0295 ext. 203, Fax: 340- 773-1425

Department of Labor
Web site:
Commissioner—Albert Bryan, St. Croix Office Tel: 340-773-1994 Ext.232, Fax: 340-773-0094
 email:; St. Thomas Office Tel: 340-776-3700, Fax 340-774-5908
Asst. Commissioner for Employment and Training-- Arah C. Lockhart, 340-776-3700,
Asst. Commissioner for Labor Affairs-- Richard T. Evangelista, Esq., Tel: 340-773-1994,
Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs
Web site:
Commissioner--Wayne L. Biggs Jr., St. Thomas Office Tel: 340-774-3130, Ext. 4265 Fax: 340-776-0675, St. Croix Office Tel: 340-773-2226, Ext. 250, Fax: 340-778-8250, email:
Asst. Commissioner—vacant
Department of Planning and Natural Resources
Web site:
St. Thomas Office 340-774-3320, St. Croix Office: 340-773-1082
Commissioner--- Alicia Barnes, email:
Asst. Commissioner-- vacant
Police Department
Web site:
Commissioner--- (Acting) Raymond L. Hyndman, Tel: 340-712-6001, Fax: 340-778-2373                      email:
Asst. Commissioner--Vacant
Police Chief, St. Croix--- Christopher Howell, Tel: 340-712-6005 or 340-778-2211, Fax: 340-772-3864
Police Chief, St. Thomas--- Rodney Querrard, Tel: 340-715-5548, Fax: 340-715-5538
Deputy Police Chief, St. John -- Darren Foy, Tel: 340-693-8880, Fax: 340-776-6236,
Deputy Chief St. Thomas/Water Island -- Dwayne DeGraff, Tel: 340-715-5548, Fax: 340-715-5538
Department of Property and Procurement
Commissioner--- Lynn A. Millin-Maduro, St. Thomas Office Tel: 340- 774-0828 ext. 295
Fax: 340- 777-9587, St. Croix Tel: 340-773-1561 ext. 229, Fax: 340-773-0986,
Asst. Commissioner---Steven Jones, Tel: 340-774-0828, email:
Department of Public Works
Commissioner-- Darryl A. Smalls, St. Thomas Office Tel: 340- 776-4844,
St. Croix Tel: 340-773-1290, email: 
Chief Engineering---Nicole Wilkinson, Tel: 340-776-4844
 Deputy Commissioner for Operations, St. Croix---Juan Bermudez, Tel: 340-772-0275
Deputy Commissioner for St. John--- vacant
Deputy Commissioner for Transportation--- Carol McGregor, Tel: 340-773-1290

Department of Tourism
Web site:
Commissioner- Beverly Nicholson-Doty, St. Thomas
Tel: 340-774-8784,
St. Croix Tel: 340-773-0495, email:
Asst Commissioner St. Croix--- Brad Nugen, Tel: 340-773-0495, email:
Asst Commissioner St. Thomas -- Monique Sidilly-Hodge,Tel: 340-774-8784,

Division of Personnel
Director--Kenneth Hermon, Jr., PHR, St. Thomas Tel: 340-774-8588
St. Croix Tel: 340-773-0341, email:
 Asst. Director, St. Thomas---vacant
 Asst. Director, St. Croix--- vacant

Office of the V.I. Inspector General
Virgin Islands Inspector General ---Steven G. van Beverhoudt, Tel: 340-774-3388, email:
 Deputy Inspector General—Delia Thomas, Tel:340-774-3388, email:
Bureau of Corrections
St. Croix Tel: 340-773-6309; Fax: 340-719-97
St. Thomas Tel: 340--7550; Fax:340-774-5878
Director--Julius Wilson, Tel: 340-773-6309; Fax: 340-719-9762, Email:;
Golden Grove Adult Correctional Facility
Warden -- Ira Phillips, Tel: 340-778-0400, Fax: 340-778-2929, email:;       Criminal Justice Complex
Warden-- Gilbert David (Acting); Tel: 340-774-3531; Fax: 340-777-8951,
Bureau of Internal Revenue
Director---Claudette J. Watson-Anderson, CPA, St. Thomas Tel: 340-715-1040, ext. 2242,
Fax: 340-714-9345, 340-714-9341, St. Croix Tel: 340-773-1040, ext. 4223, Fax: 340-773-1006, St. John Phone: 340-777-1446, Fax: 340-777-1425, email:
Special Assistant to the Director—Sonia Navarro-Joseph, St. Thomas Tel: 340-715-1040, ext. 2245, St. Croix Tel: 340-773-1040, ext, 4265, email:
Deputy Director, ---Richard Prendergast, Tel: 715-1040, ext: 2241, email: 
Human Resources Manager: Ophelia Hector, Tel: St. Thomas: 340-715-1040, ext. 2244
Bureau of Motor Vehicle
Director-- Jerris T. Browne, St. Thomas Tel: 340-774-4268, St. Croix Tel: 340-713-4268, St. John Tel: 340-776-6262, email: 
Human Resources Manager—Brenda Benjamin, email:
Office of Collective Bargaining
Chief Negotiator--- Valdemar A. Hill, Jr., Tel: 340-713-0735,
St. Croix Tel: 340-713-9807, St. Thomas/St. John Tel: 340-774-6450
Office of Management and Budget
Director---Debra Gottlieb, St. Thomas Tel: 340-774-0750, St. Croix Tel: 340-778-8925,
Deputy Director--- Claudette Farrington, St. Thomas Tel: 340-774-0750
Energy Office
Director—Karl Knight, St. Croix Tel: 340-713-8436, Ext. 3605,
Fax: 340-772-0063, St. Thomas Tel: 340-714-8436, Fax: 340-776-1914, email:
Executive Administrative Officer –Laurie Thomas-Jacobs, Tel: 340-713-8436, Ext. 3604, email:
Media Information Specialist Don Buchanan—Tel: 340-713-8436, Ext. 3612, email:
Office of Veterans Affairs
Director---Morris Moorehead, Tel:
340- 773-6663 Fax: 340- 692-9563, email:
 Assistant Director's office---Harry Daniel, Tel: 340-774-6100, Fax: 340-714-0589

Virgin Islands Fire Service
Director---Steve Brow, Tel: 340-773-8050, Fax: 340- 778-8346
Assistant to the Director--- Mercedes Cruz, Tel: email:
District Chief, St. Croix--- Angel Torres, Tel: 340-773-8040
District Chief, St. Thomas--- David Hodge, Tel: 340-774-7610
Virgin Islands Army National Guard
Adjutant General--- Gen. Reynaldo Rivera, Tel: 340- 712-7710, email:
Chief of Staff-- Colonel Aubrey Ruan, Tel: 340-712-7732, email:
Adjutant General Secretary---Diana Ingraham, Tel:340-712-7711 email:
Virgin Islands Air National Guard
Chief of Staff—Colonel Jeffrey D. Buckley, Tel: 340-712-7729, Fax: 340-712-7796,
Virgin Islands Territorial Emergency Management Agency
VITEMA Headquarters, St. Thomas Tel: 340- 774-2244, Fax: 340- 715-6847 
St. Croix Office Tel: 340- 773-2244, Fax: 340- 778-8980
St. John Office Tel: 340- 776-6444, Fax: 340- 714-4470
Executive Director--- Elton Lewis, Tel: 340-773-2244, ext. 210,
Assistant Director--- Noel Smith, Tel: 340-715-6803,
Public Information Officer --Christine Lett , Tel: 340-773-2244 ext. 205, email:  

Juan F. Luis Hospital & Medical Center, St. Croix
Chief Executive Officer – Jeff A. Nelson, Tel: 340-772-7300, Fax: 340-719-5864, email:
Principal, Communications & Community-- Xaulanda H. Simmonds-Emmanuel, Tel: 340-772-7305, email: xemmanuel@jflusvi.or​g

Roy Lester Schneider Hospital, St. Thomas
Chief Executive Officer---Alice Taylor, Tel: 340-776-8211, ext 2286, email:
Economic Development Authority
Chief Executive Officer— Percival Clouden, Tel: 340- 714-1700, email:
 Assistant Chief Executive Officer--- vacant

Bureau of Economic Research
Director--- Lauritz Mills, Tel: 340-714-1700, Fax: 340-776-7953, email:

Public Finance Authority
Acting Director -- Angel E. Dawson, Jr., Tel: 340-714-1635, Fax: 340-714-1636, 
University of the Virgin Islands
Web site:
President---David Hall, Tel: 340-693-1000, email:
Provost--- Karl Wright, St. Croix Tel: 340- 692-4021, St. Thomas Tel: 340-693-1201, email:
Director of Public Relations --- Patrice K. Johnson, Tel: 340- 693-1058, email:
Virgin Islands Housing Authority
St. Thomas Office: Tel: 340-777-4432, Fax: 340-775-7913
St. Croix Office: 340-772-4432 Fax: 340- 772-4002
Executive Director---Robert Graham, Tel: 340-777-8442, email:
Virgin Islands Lottery
Executive Director---Conrad E. Francois, II,St. Thomas Tel: 340 774-2502,
Fax: 340 776-4730, St. Croix Tel: 340 778-6360, Fax: 340 778-0683
Virgin Islands Port Authority
St. Thomas Tel: 340- 774-1629, Fax: 340- 774-0025, St. Croix: Tel: 340- 778-1012
Fax: 340- 778-1033, general email:
Executive Director---Kenn Hobson, Tel: 340-774-1629, ext. 6601, Tel: 340-714-6671,
Fax: 340-774-0025 email:
Assistant Director—David W.  Mapp, Tel: 340- 778-1012, Fax: 340- 779-3020,
Virgin Islands Water & Power Authority
St. Croix Tel: 340- 773-2250, St. Thomas Tel: 340- 774-3552, St. John Tel: 340- 776-6446
Executive Director---Hugo Hodge, Tel: 340-774-3552, email:
Director of Corporate Communications-- Cassandra Dunn: Email:
Virgin Islands Waste Management Authority
Executive Director: May Adams Cornwall, Tel: 340-718-4489, email:
West Indian Company Limited
President and Chief Executive Officer--- Edward Thomas, Tel: 340- 774-1780, ext. 2202 Fax: 340- 776-4785, email:
St. Thomas/Water Islands -- Barbara A. Petersen, Tel: 340-774-0001,
Fax: (340) 693-4325, email:
St. John-- Leona Smith, Tel. 340-776-6484, Fax: 340-776-6992,
St. Croix-- Mr. Dodson James, Tel: 340-773-1404, Fax: 340- 719-0160

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