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Open forum

Let’s Keep This Emerald of the Sea Beautiful

Nolan Diehl, a longtime resident of Mandahl, shares memories of growing up surrounded by the beauty of Mandahl Bay and asks if Virgin Islanders can allow “another scenic and ecological wonder [to] be destroyed for eternity.”
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Beg, Borrow and Steal

Bob White analyzes how government works in the Virgin Islands. He follows the twists and turns that money takes. He is not angry; he is exasperated.
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It’s Time to Confront the X-Rated Behavior of Minors

Dear Source: During this past Festival season on St. Croix, there were many videos circulating of sexually-explicit actions exhibited by our young people in the streets of Frederiksted during the parades and J’ouvert. Before reading further, please note that I am not talking abo
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Save Mandahl Bay; Let Your Voices Be Heard

Dear Source: I am outraged at the fact that our former and present Governors feel they have a right to sell us out once again with the false pretense that they will be creating 700 local jobs when in actuality they are blind siding us but leasing Mandahl Bay out for 99 years to outsid
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Rescue Mandahl From the Developers

Dear Source: As property owners in Mandahl Estates, we are writing to express our opposition to the proposed development of the Mandahl Bay area. We believe the proposal will have a negative impact on the environment, benefits a few at the expense of many, and violates the terms of th
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Senators, Rescind the Mandahl Bay Lease

Dear Source: Shhh…quiet…did you hear that? No, listen, pay attention, there is that sound again. I hear it clearly now. It is the sound of another Virgin Island natural resource disappearing. It is a sickening, grating, chilling sound. Ahh, you have heard it before, just a
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