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St. JohnSt. Croix

A cave on Outer Brass island off the northern coast of St. Thomas. (Kelsey Nowakowski photo)

A cave on Outer Brass island off the northern coast of St. Thomas. (Kelsey Nowakowski photo)

Local News

Coral reef on the west end of St. Croix

Feds Give USVI $103,000 For Sustainable Seafood, Coral Protection

The U.S. Department of the Interior has awarded the USVI $103,000 to help mitigate harmful red algae on corals and support reef responsible sustainable seafood production, DOI announced Friday.
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FY 2004-2017 and proposed FY 2018 expenses

Mapp Submits Austere $833.9 Million FY 2018 Budget

Gov. Kenneth Mapp submitted his Fiscal Year 2018 budget Friday afternoon as projected earlier in the week, and as expected it is smaller than last year’s budget proposal and ultimate appropriations. It projects $833.9 million in local General F
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Denise Cleveland-Leggett takes the oath of office (HUD photo)

Denise Cleveland-Leggett named HUD Southeast Regional Administrator Overseeing USVI

U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson named Denise Cleveland-Leggett on Friday to serve as HUD’s Region IV regional administrator. As the regional administrator, she will work from HUD’s Atlanta Regional Office and lead HUD’s Southe
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Cleanup after July 20 Cruz Bay fire

Rash of Fires on St. John

The V.I. Fire Service responded to a rash of structural fires over two days on the island of St. John., including one that destroyed Destiny Care Rental in Cruz Bay.
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Editorial / Blogs

Frank Schneiger

The Crisis: First Make Sure You’re Solving the Right Problem

As the territory's crisis deepens, here is a thought and a question. First, the thought, actually a basic principle. It is, always be sure that you are solving the right problems. And then the question: are there problems that are insoluble?
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Virtue of the Week: Orderliness

Orderliness is being neat and living with a sense of harmony. You are organized and know where things are when you need them. Solve problems step by step instead of going in circles. Order around you creates order inside you.
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Delegate Stacey Plaskett

The ironic state of freedom without democracy

Last week on July 4 we commemorated the Declaration of Independence, which outlines the ideals of equality and democracy and upheld as a model around the world. But Americans in the V.I. get freedom without democracy.
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Open Letter to Commissioner James

 Dear Commissioner James, It was not long ago that my fellow Ports of the Virgin Islands- Charlotte Amalie task force member Pash Daswani and I met with you in your offices to discuss Tip Top and the ongoing project. Navine Sakhrani, VP of the I
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