Board of Elections Chairman Apologizes for Delay in Publishing Full Primary Election Results

Board of Elections Chairman Raymond Williams presides over meeting on Friday.
Board of Elections Chairman Raymond Williams. (Source file photo)

Chairman of the Board of Elections Raymond J. Williams thanks all Virgin Islanders who participated in the Democratic Primary on Saturday, Aug. 6. Chairman Williams offers an apology, however, for the inability to immediately publish the full results of the Primary 2022 Election as early as intended. The system experienced delays in transferring files for two of the St. Thomas Voting Centers, which caused the unexpected wait.

The system continues to be upgraded by introducing new and advanced technology. As we do for each election, our team of technical experts was in the Virgin Islands to assist. This delay did not impact the results in any way.

The V.I. Board of Elections ensures the voting community that all results are unofficial until all outstanding ballots are counted. It appreciates your understanding, remembering that our mission is to ensure transparent and fair elections to safeguard true democracy.

The Election System will endeavor to put even more stringent protocols in place to guarantee that the posting of results for the General Election on Nov. 8 will be completed as timely as possible.

For questions or concerns, contact the Elections System Office on St. Thomas at 774-3107 or St. Croix at 773-1021.

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