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Chris Finch Expresses Some Concerning Aspects about the President-Elect

This post is to get some things off my mind so I can move to a Thanksgiving mindset. Like I expect most of you reading this, I have been thinking constantly since the election.

Dangerous Speed Limit Problem Needs Attention

Lori Emery is worried about the lack of governmental involvement concerning the 10 mph restriction on Magens Bay Road.

Undercurrents: The Fiscal Conundrum Has Returned, Via the 3rd Circuit

Where in the world is the government going to get the money to return the 8 percent that it cut from its employees’ salaries for two years? And just how much money is it anyway?

FCC Commissioner: WTJX Should Be on Satellite TV

Apparently prompted by a meeting with Delegate Stacey Plaskett, a Federal Communications Commissioner is chastising satellite television providers for not carrying V.I. Public Television station WTJX.

Community Mourns Passing of ‘Perfect Gentleman’ Mulo Alwani

News of the death of St. Thomas businessman, community leader and philanthropist Mulchand Mulo Alwani, 79, spread quickly through the Virgin Islands Sunday, as friends and associates expressed sadness at his loss.

Virtue of the Week: Respect

We show respect by speaking and acting with courtesy. We treat others with dignity, and honor the rules of family, school and nation. Respect yourself, and others will respect you.

St. Joseph’s, Ole Miss, NC State Win on Paradise Jam Opening Day

This year’s Paradise Jam Basketball Tournament kicked off Friday as residents packed into the UVI Sports and Fitness Center to kick off their weekend with some highly anticipated college play.

Gaming Company Gaming Legislature?

Although law prohibits casino principals, agents or intermediaries from making political donations, a family member connected to VIGL Operations, slated to take over USVI racetracks, donated to at least two senatorial campaigns.

The Bookworm: ‘Brief Histories of Everyday Objects’

Imagine the first person who created a toothbrush. Better yet – imagine life before a toothbrush. Think about it: getting your mouth minty-fresh wasn’t exactly easy with twigs or rags.

V.I. Murder Suspect Picked Up in North Carolina

Cymari Fredericks, 21, a suspect in a 2014 St. Thomas murder, was arrested Saturday in North Carolina on information provided by the National Crime Information Center, the VIPD reported.





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