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Sunday, April 22, 2018
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Homicide 2018

A chronological log of the homicides recorded in 2018 in the U.S. Virgin Islands, as reported by the VIPD. Cases are broken down by island. The Source does not include suicides or vehicular homicides in its listing.

Two Arrested Bringing Cocaine From St. John to St. Thomas

Two men, Michael Leonard and Reinaldo Pierret Lerburds, were arrested at the Red Hook ferry terminal Thursday trying to bring 55 kilograms of cocaine to St. Thomas from St. John on the car barge.

Jury Convicts Trant on Firearm Charge

After a one day trial, a federal jury on Monday found Rehelio Trant, 39, of St. Thomas, guilty of possession of a firearm by...
St. Thomas District Courthouse

Two Guilty to Possession of Cocaine with Intent to Distribute

Tommy Ramirez, 29, of the Dominican Republic, and Ramon Clavel, 55, of Haiti, pleaded guilty Wednesday in District Court to possession of cocaine with the intent to distribute, U.S. Attorney Gretchen C.F. Shappert announced.

Gun Plea Nets One-Year Sentence for St. Thomas Man

A Hidden Valley man was sentenced Tuesday to a year behind bars for having pleaded guilty to a gun crime that occurred last August, according to the V.I. Department of Justice.

Investigation Closes de Lugo Post Office Monday

The Alvardo de Lugo Post Office on St. Thomas was closed Monday due to a police investigation, and while there were rumors about a robbery in the facility, officials did not comment on what happened.

VIPD Announces Temporary Closure of Firearms Bureau

The Firearms Bureau will resume operations at 8:30 a.m., Monday, May 14.
Darren Giddings (VIPD photo)

Corrections Officer Charged with Bringing Contraband to Prison

The V.I. Police Department on Thursday arrested 35-year-old Darren Giddings, a corrections officer assigned to the Golden Grove Correctional Facility, and charged him with...
St. Thomas District Courthouse

Californian Pleads Guilty to Possession with Intent to Distribute

Kelley Hansen, 28, of California, pleaded guilty Wednesday in District Court before District Court Judge Curtis V. Gomez, to possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute, U.S. Attorney Gretchen C.F. Shappert announced.

St. Croix Man Sentenced for Involvement in Airport Cocaine Conspiracy

Dimitrous Jefferson, 29, of St. Croix, was sentenced Monday for conspiracy to possess cocaine with intent to distribute, U.S. Attorney Gretchen C.F. Shappert announced Wednesday.