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Tuesday, January 22, 2019
Tue January 22, 2019 6:47 PM

Local government

GERS: Senate Orders Personal Loan Program Restarted for One Year

The V.I. Legislature voted to force the Government Employee Retirement System to restart its personal loan program on a limited basis, for one year, lending as much as $20 million.

Senate Passes Two Unfunded Mandates

The V.I. Legislature voted overwhelmingly Monday in favor of two unfunded mandates: one to require the Education Department to train public school counselors in 'grief and stress counselingæ and one mandating juvenile corrections programs tailored to female inmates.

Senate Sweetens Hotel Development Subsidies

The V.I. Legislature voted to broaden extensive hotel development tax incentives without debate Monday, one of many amendments to a bill appropriating money to repay the federal government for funds mismanaged by the Law Enforcement Planning Commission.

Senate Overrides Veto of Law Removing Elected Officials Who Vote Stateside

Senators overrode Gov Kenneth Mapp's vetoes of a measure that would would remove elected officials from office if they voted in stateside elections, and another to prohibit the governor him from using a revolving line of credit to buy 'ceremonial vehicles.'

Legislature May Require Government-Paid Doctors to Accept Medicaid

Two bills aimed at expanding access to health care in the territory and a third requiring background checks were sent out of committee Wednesday.

Senate Creating New Unfunded Task Force

The V.I. Government will have a new unfunded mandate to create a task force on crime and public health, involving the heads of many government agencies, if a bill approved Wednesday becomes law.

Mapp to Visit China on Trade Mission

At the invitation of oil and gas giant Sinopec, Gov. Kenneth Mapp announced he will soon be heading to China on a “trade mission” that would explore additional investment in the territory.

Mapp Signs Wage Increases and WAPA Bill Payment

This week Gov. Kenneth Mapp signed legislation to permanently increase government salaries to negotiated contract levels, using one-time windfall funding from the Hovensa sale.

New Directors Named at Tourism

The Tourism Department announced two new directors: Canika John as director of marketing and Frances Williams-Augustin as director of visitor experience for St. Croix.

Mapp Approves Lonesome Dove Funds for GERS, but Impact Limited

Gov. Kenneth Mapp signed into law this week eight measures recently passed by the Legislature, including expanded local hiring requirements and several election reform proposals.





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