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Charlotte Amalie
Tuesday, December 18, 2018
Tue December 18, 2018 10:47 AM


Joseph A. Sprauve Sr. Dies at 86

Joseph A. Sprauve Sr., better known as "Joemeat," died at his residence on March 5 at age 86.

Mera Lettsome Dies at 94

Mera Lettsome died on Feb. 25 at her residence.

Stellma Edwards Dies at 99

Stellma Edwards, also known as “Thelma Edwards,” died on Tuesday Feb. 27, at her residence.

Liston Barry Sr. Dies at 81

Liston Barry Sr. died on Wednesday, Feb. 28, at the age of 81.

Charles William Dorsett Dies in Boston

Charles William Dorsett died on Feb. 1 in Boston, Mass.

Ralston Newman Farrington Dies

Ralston Newman Farrington, also known as “Rabbit,” died on Feb. 11 at Schneider Regional Medical Center.

Kenneth Derry O’Neal Dies at 74

Kenneth Derry O’Neal died on Feb. 14 in Arlington, Virginia.

Kathy E. O’Neil Dies at 69

Katherine E. O’Neil, 69, died suddenly Sunday, Dec. 17, in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., surrounded by many friends and family.

Edith Querrard Dies at 86

Edith Querrard died on Saturday, Feb. 10, at the age of 86 at her residence.

Aurio A. Correa Dies in Puerto Rico

Aurio A. Correa died on Monday, Jan. 15, at the age of 90 in Puerto Rico.





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