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Ticy Elouise Thomas Dies

Ticy Elouise Thomas, affectionately known as “Ella” or “Miss Elouise,” died on Wednesday, Jan. 17.

Elliot B. Hodge Dies

Elliot B. Hodge died on Dec. 28 at Schneider Regional Medical Center.

Maria Julia Spenceley Dies in Florida

Maria Julia Cancel Spenceley died on Dec. 19 surrounded by family and friends in Brooksville, Fla. She was 83 years old. Maria is survived by...

Almarina Patricia Lindesay Palmer Dies in Georgia

Almarina Patricia Lindesay Palmer of St. Thomas died on Jan. 2 in Georgia.

Louise S. Brady Dies

Louise S. Brady died on Jan. 4 at Schneider Regional Medical Center.

Irvin Pratt Sr. Dies at 78

Irvin Pratt Sr., also known as “Oak,” died on Dec. 21 at his residence.

Ina Victoria Lee Dies

Ina Victoria Lee died peacefully at her home surrounded by family on Saturday, Dec. 9.

Huntley G. Haywood Dies at 87

Huntley G. Haywood, also known as “The Bill,” died on Dec. 13 at his residence.

Elvira Augustine Querrard Dies

Elvira Augustine Querrard died on Dec. 11 peacefully in her home.

Lawrence D. Raimer Dies

Lawrence D. Raimer died on Dec. 6 at the Roy Lester Schneider Medical Center following a brief illness.





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