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Tyrone Brunn Dies at 61

Tyrone “Teba” Brunn of Contant, St. Thomas, died on Nov. 18, at Schneider Regional Medical Center.

Simeon Moses Morton Dies at 91

Simeon Moses Morton died on Nov. 12 at his residence. He was 91 years old.

Winston A. Wesselhoft Dies at 62

Winston A. Wesselhoft, affectionately known as “Tina” or “Firefly,” died on Nov. 10.

Jean Ramsey Dies

Jean Ramsey died on Nov. 24.

Sharon Brown Dies

Sharon Brown of St. Thomas has died.

Edith Rose Galiber Dies at 86

This is the story of Edith Rose Galiber, nee Lewis. Edith Rose was a beautiful person who was loved, is missed dearly and will always be cherished.

William C. Malone Dies at 64

William C. Malone, also known as "Bill” or “Billy," formally of Estate Nadir and Bethlehem House, died at Schneider Regional Medical Center.

Ralph Lawrence Thompson Dies

Ralph Lawrence Thompson, better known as “Chicken,” died on May 5.

Ludvig Charles Christensen II Dies at 67

Ludvig “Ludi” Charles Christensen II died on Sept. 27.

George Monoah Joseph Dies at 102

George Monoah Joseph, also known as “Nugget,” who was a son, brother, father, husband, police officer, fireman, clerk, baker, pharmaceutical technician, manager, steel band player and one of the founding members of the Hell’s Gate Steel Band, has passed away at the age of 102 years old.





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