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Addison J. Martin Dies at 77

Addison J. Martin, also known as "Addie," died on April 10 at Schneider Regional Medical Center, St. Thomas.

Thomas Alexander Richards Dies at 77

Thomas Alexander Richards, retired painter for USVI Port Authority and long resident of St. Thomas, died on Thursday, March 29, in the care of the Christian City Nursing Home in Union City, Ga.

Roy L. Wilson Dies in New York

Roy L. Wilson, also known as "Jukie," died on March 28 in New York. Ge was 62 years old.

Steve Byron Harrigan Dies

Steve Byron Harrigan died on March 30 at his residence.

Myron Williams Dies at 59

Myron Williams, also known as "Iron" or "Pesh," died on April 5, at his residence.

Idalia Varlack Dies at 79

Idalia Varlack died on March 26 at Schneider Regional Medical Center.

Lydia Veronica Browne David Dies at 74

Lydia Veronica Browne David of St. Thomas, better known as “Jean,” died on March 16 at age 74.

Rosita Viola Byers Dies at 72

Rosita Viola Byers, better known as "Rose” or “Sita," died on March 2 at her residence.

Othneil Theophlius Somersall Dies

Othneil Theophlius Somersall died on March 1.

Beryl Olive Brown Dies at 66

Beryl Olive Brown died on March 1 at the age of 66.





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