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Saturday, February 23, 2019
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Eugenia Amaro Navarro Dies

Eugenia Amaro Navarro died on Jan. 17.

Juta Wistaria Smith Matthias Dies in Miami

Juta Wistaria Smith Matthias died on Thursday, Jan. 17, in Miami, Fla.

Harold Rabsatt Dies in Florida

Harold “Panhandle” Rabsatt of St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, died on Jan. 16, at the Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center in Davenport, Fla.

Jeanette Mactavious Thomas Dies

Jeanette Mactavious Thomas died on Wednesday, Jan. 23, at Schneider Regional Medical Center.

Felicita Rivera Ortiz Dies

Felicita Rivera Ortiz died on St. Thomas on Monday, Jan. 14.

Faustina Sanderson Dies at 76

Faustina Sanderson died on Jan. 8 at Schneider Regional Medical Center.

Bernard Gregory Miller Dies

Bernard Gregory Miller was born Nov. 9, 1946, in Concord, N.H., to Bernard and Anniemae Miller.

Kathleen L. Rodgers Dies at 91

Kathleen L. Rodgers died on Dec. 16 at her residence. She was 91 years old.

Merlene Gwynneth Thompson Williams Dies at 65

Merlene Gwynneth Thompson Williams died on Wednesday, Dec. 5, at the age of 65 at Schneider Regional Medical Center.

Olga Marion Phipps Dies at 97

After a long illness, Olga M. Phipps died on Tuesday, Dec. 4, at the age of 97 years.





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