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Friday, February 15, 2019
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Open forum

There Is Much to Celebrate!

Judy King-Edmeade of the Friends of St. Thomas Public Libraries happily shares all the good news about the Charles Wesley Turnbull Regional Library.

Crafting Relief in My Environment

Kyza A. Callwood says that combating crime in the Virgin Islands is a “matter of communication, commitment and time.” He lists several ways to begin this process.

Thank You for Allowing Me to Serve You

Kendall Griffith, M.D., who recently stepped down as CEO of Gov. Juan F. Luis Hospital and Medical Center, gives his reasons for the path he has taken in life, and gives an account of what he and his staff have accomplished at JFL.

DRI Will Hold Public Forum on Enhancing Downtown Business

David Bornn of Downtown Revitalization Inc. invites the community to attend and participate in a forum where the Working Plan for enhancing business in Downtown will be presented.

Pass Bill to Fully Invest in Inspector General’s Office

Jason Budsan calls for last year’s Bill 30-0525 to re-establish the Virgin Islands inspector general as a semi-autonomous agency should be re-introduced in the present Legislative session.

Thanks Are Given for a ‘Delectable’ Experience

On behalf of Downtown Revitalization Inc., David Bornn thanks the many people and businesses who helped to make the recent ‘St. Thomas Eats: A Food Truck Fete’ such a big success.

There Are Many to Thank for Their Contributions

James S. Carroll thanks all of those who helped with the 2015 V.I. Fathers March as well as all the fathers and male caregivers in the Virgin Islands who took part.

It’s Not Only Unethical But Illegal

Brian Granite tells a story about consistently being overcharged by taxi drivers' taking tourists from St. John to Red Hook.

Journalistic Ethics Are Called into Question

Hugo V. Hodge Jr., the CEO of WAPA, denies that he has said things as reported by a local blogger, who he considers a liar and an illegitimate journalist.

Ours Must Be a Government of Laws

Kelvin Martin hopes the new attorney general nominee, while pursuing Gov. de Jongh’s alleged illegalities, will not ignore possible corruption by Gov. Mapp.





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