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Facing Reality: The Future as History

The territory is living with the consequences of the somewhat foreseeable and the mostly unforeseeable, and a big question is what will it do to address these challenges going forward. This series is intended to spur discussion, a discussion based on a single premise: business as usual is not a viable response; it is the path to decline and potentially a downward spiral.
U.S. Ambassador Terence A. Todman meets with Juan Carlos I, King of Spain from 1975 until 2014.

V.I. History: Reflecting on the Life of U.S. Ambassador Terence A. Todman

Throughout my formative years and into adulthood, I had the pleasure of spending a significant amount of time with a Virgin Islands hero, Ambassador Terence A. Todman. He was my great-uncle – my grandmother’s younger brother – and my close confidant.

Chamber of Commerce Weighs in on Caneel Bay Resort House Bill

The St. Thomas-St. John Chamber of Commerce has written a letter to the Source concerning its recent article on House Bill HR 4731 and Caneel Bay Resort.

Virtue of the Week: Trust

Trust is having faith in someone or something. It is a positive attitude about life. You are confident that the right thing will happen without trying to control it or make it happen. Even when difficult things happen, trust helps us to find the gift or lesson in it.
Hannah Upp, from her Facebook page.

National Magazine Reports on Missing V.I. Resident’s Disappearance

Does the attention paid to woman missing from St. Thomas after Maria compared to relative silence on so many others say something about how the media work?
Piles of ancient timber, galvanized and hand carved artifacts await reuse at sacred site in Kathmandu.

Devastating Natural Disasters Have More Than One Story

Crinkled galvanized, fallen trees and piles of debris and personal belongings fought for space along what remained of the roads, while downed utility poles were still creating dangerous obstacle courses as I left the Virgin Islands in October 2017 only weeks after after two Cat 5 Hurricanes had leveled life in my community.

St. Croix Triathlon Season Is Updated

Project St. Croix, the organization that has brought world class triathlons to St. Croix for almost three decades, says the damage caused by recent hurricanes has led it to cancel the 2018 season. It warns that others may try to use its event names.
David F. Obando, pastor of Iglesia de Dios, Estrella de la Mañana. (Source file photo)

A Government the U.S. Virgin Islands Needs and Deserves

David F. Obando shares his thoughts on the type of government the people of the U.S. Virgin Islands need and deserve.

The V.I. Needs ACT Now

Nicholas Lima and Sherilyn Pogson of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) advocate for the Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) program to be used in the Virgin Islands. The ACT model has a 30-year track record of achieving good outcomes for individuals while saving money and being covered by Medicaid.

Virtue of the Week: Tact

Tact is telling the truth kindly, considerate of how your words affect others’ feelings. Think before you speak, knowing what is better left unsaid. When you are tactful, others find it easier to hear what you have to say.





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WATCH: Come on board the tall ship Eagle that's docked in St. Thomas near WICO this weekend. The ship is used as an on-the-water classroom for many Coast Guard cadets and is the only active-duty sailing vessel in the U.S. military. The ship is open for tours until 7 p.m. this evening.The Source had the chance this week to tour the Coast Guard's Eagle, a cutter that has hosted several of the territory's Coast Guard trainees. The ship is op... ... See MoreSee Less

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