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Charlotte Amalie
Thursday, March 22, 2018
Thu March 22, 2018 1:47 AM


The Bookworm: ‘Lose Your Final 15’

If those holiday cookies went from lips to hips and you’re walking them off now, “Lose Your Final 15” is a book you shouldn’t walk past.

The Bookworm: One for the Earth, Wind & Fire Fan

The audience for this book, I think, is with a professional musician or a die-hard EW&F fan. If you are, “My Life with Earth, Wind & Fire” could be elemental.

The Bookworm: ‘Courage to Soar’

This is a story you can share with anyone; in fact, when you’ve finished “Courage to Soar,” you’ll probably want to. A book like this, you’ll fall head-over-heels for.

The Bookworm: ‘A Gift from Bob’

With an abundance of Christmas books to choose from, it may take something special to grab your attention. Bowen’s tale on the streets of London resonates a little stronger at this time.

The Bookworm: ‘A Boy Called Christmas’

If your child is in need of something to get into the holiday mood, then here’s a great early-Christmas gift. “A Boy Called Christmas” is a book they’ll never leave.

The Bookworm: ‘Santa’s Underwear’

Your kids will want to see this book in March and July and September, as well as the holiday season. They’ll see London, they’ll see France, “Santa’s Underwear” will make them dance.

The Bookworm: ‘Hot Sauce Nation’

If you crave a taste that nearly melts your teeth, “Hot Sauce Nation” will further ignite your interest.

The Bookworm: ‘Brief Histories of Everyday Objects’

Imagine the first person who created a toothbrush. Better yet – imagine life before a toothbrush. Think about it: getting your mouth minty-fresh wasn’t exactly easy with twigs or rags.

Review: ‘Empire’s Crossroads: A History of the Caribbean from Columbus to the Present Day’

"Whichever way the axis of power tilts for the foreseeable future, the Caribbean remains in the middle of it all, a crossroads connecting the world as it has done for more than five hundred years," Gibson writes.

The Bookworm: Pick up Your ‘Faithful’

There’s a crispness in this novel that doesn’t become too harsh; instead, it’s comfortable like an old yearbook. After a few pages, in fact, it’s almost as if we went to school with Shelby.


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