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WCSC Radio Drama on Child Sexual Abuse to Begin: ‘Silence Speaks, Secrets Revealed’

The Women's Coalition of St. Croix

The Women’s Coalition of St. Croix

The Women’s Coalition of St. Croix’s (WCSC) new 26-episode radio serial and talk shows will premiere on 95.1 – Isle 95, Tuesday, Sept. 4. The two-minute episodes, featuring the stories of three survivors of child sexual abuse, will continue airing weekly on several local radio stations. WCSC’s website and social media channels will make them available for streaming podcasts.

“Child sexual abuse affects survivors and communities. Education is a key part of prevention efforts and offering support to survivors,” said Clema S. Lewis, executive director of WCSC.

“Silence Speaks, Secrets Revealed” focuses on the experiences of three young people: a 7-year-old boy, a 16-year-old pageant queen and a 15-year-old girl, whose family relocated to St. Croix recently. There will be a live, 30-minute talk show following the first broadcast of each episode on Isle 95.

“Our after shows will feature experts in related fields, victim advocates and survivors. The discussion of the themes can continue, we’ll take calls and provide listeners with helpful resources. These shows will be available as podcasts too,” said Carolyn Forno, assistant director of WCSC.

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Sayeeda Carter and Regina Keels collaborated on the scripts for “Silence Speaks, Secrets Revealed.’ Carter said. “This is a project that really touches me. Having been an educator for 25 years and having children tell me their stories, I thought it was just the most important work we could be doing at this moment.”

The writers are also educators at a high school on St. Croix. Keels was named Teacher of the Year for 2018.