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DLCA to Inform Public of Expired Goods and Future Publishing of Violators

DLCA Commissioner Devin Carrington (Image courtesy of the V.I. Legislature)

Due to a gross quantity of pull date inspection findings, the V.I. Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs (DLCA) informs the business community and the territory’s consumers of the department’s intention to initiate the publication of the names of businesses found to be habitual violators.

When issuing compliance measures for expired “pull date” inspections, pursuant to the Virgin Islands Code, the department issues Notices of Violation against establishments that offer for sale goods that have expired pull dates.

“Pull date” means the last date on which a food commodity in package form, perishable or semi-perishable food commodity in package form should be sold without risk of spoilage, loss of value or palatability. Selling such items past pull dates is prohibited. Pull dates are required to be placed on all items.

“The continued violation of consumer health and safety rights is more than a serious concern to this department,” said Commissioner Carrington. “It is only prudent and our statutory responsibility for the department to make consumers aware of the habitual offenders so that the consumer can make stronger decisions to support businesses that safeguard their consumer rights.

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DLCA has discovered that many violators simply pay fines but continue the practice of offering expired items for sale. This practice is not only a violation of law that may have health consequences for consumers, it is also a deceptive trade practice that causes financial injury where consumers’ hard-earned money is spent on an item(s) that should not be sold at all.

To make reports, call DLCA on St. Thomas at 714-3522, or call DLCA on St. Croix at 713-3522.