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Carnival Adult Parade Lights up the Streets of Charlotte Amalie

The Eagles Carnival Troupe floats down the parade route as butterflies returning to the islands after the hurricanes. (Gerard Sperry photo)
Miss Universe USVI, Esonica Veira, was crowned in October 2017. She has devoted her time to the Atlanta Caribbean Relief Drive. (Gerard Sperry photo)

Flashing colors illuminated Main Street’s asphalt at the V.I. Carnival Adult Parade rolled through Charlotte Amalie.

Adults pranced in explosions of color and sound and inextinguishable attitude. Personal difficulties in the wake of hurricane recovery were not to be seen in the sparkling eyes of butterflies and feathered dancers among the 38 troupes who thrilled a crowd of onlookers under shade umbrellas, on balconies and many willing to brave the searing sunshine.

Esonica Veira, Miss Universe contestant from the US Virgin Islands was a showstopper.

“We saw her on TV in the states and she is even more charming in person,” said Richard Leeman, who was visiting from Portland, Maine.

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Kia Campbell of UVI pauses to pose. (Gerard Sperry photo)

Esonica was gracious as she conversed warmly with the Leemans. When not attending to her Miss Universe duties, she devotes her time to promoting female self-esteem and getting hurricane relief supplies shipped to the territory.

The Hugga Bunch troup stunned the crowd with a performance that Elizabeth Carey from Boston, called a “Caribbean/Las Vegas whirlwind.”

The troupes braved the hot weather and ultra-bright sunlight, giving off a positive attitude and what seemed to be a sincere desire to show St. Thomas’s spirit at its best. Free water was offered on every corner, many of the bottles wrapped with the names of gubernatorial candidates. Orange swag from Viya was everywhere – on flying discs, cups, towels and sunglasses. Vendors in pop-up stands did a big business in local foods and rum-based concoctions.

Police officers said they were generally pleased by the crowd’s behavior. While none would comment on the record, they gave off pleasant smiles when the topic was brought up.

Many road closings brought out the creativity of some drivers and parkers.

Folks trying to get up the Maude Proudfoot road were sent back and headed over Raphune Hill only to be stuck in heavy traffic due to an overturned car.

St. Thomas Zumba Fitness Carnival Troupe never stopped its energetic walking workout all the way to the square. (Gerard Sperry photo)
Interfernos Carnival Troupe brought more than 100 to thrill the crowd with extravagant costumes. (Gerard Sperry photo)
The Gypsies have been part of the Carnival Adult Parade since 1952. The famous Duke of Iron walked down main street in the rain when everyone else ran for cover. (Gerard Sperry photo)
Shaniqua Charles is this year’s USVI Large and in Charge. (Gerard Sperry photo)
A shaded balcony offers a fine perch for watching the parade roll down Main Street. (Gerard Sperry photo)
BVI queens Khepara Sylvester and Zoe Walcott-McMillan share a royal ride. (Gerard Sperry photo)
Caribbean butterflies flutter down Main Street. The smiles never stopped. (Gerard Sperry photo)
The Junior BVI royalty, Yohance Smith and Miss Anondha, enjoy the ride down Main Street. (Gerard Sperry photo)
Senior Ms. Beauty.jpeg>
Senior Ms. Beauty for the Cure, Carol Tuohy and her husband Martin, who reminds parade watchers that ‘Real men wear pink.’ (Gerard Sperry photo)


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      That’s why after our troupe cross the stage, we eat & went to the Village and then the waterfront. Waste of time…no fireworks.

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