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Condolences and Remembrances of Friday Rolling In

As the word about the untimely death of Nicholas "Nick" "Daddy" Friday spread across the territory and the globe, messages of condolence and sorrow have flooded into the Source. (See "Nicholas 'Nick' Friday Has Died").

Editor's note:We at the Source are also saddened and stunned by the loss of someone so young, vibrant and so much a part of the Virgin Islands' popular culture scene. Friday carried a powerful message of joy, determination and non-violence. We, too, will miss him deeply. We hope the messages pouring in will bring comfort to all who loved and admired Nicholas Friday.
I am stunned to hear the passing of Nick Friday. I was born in Dominica and grew up in St Thomas and now reside in Sugar Land, Texas. I remembered the days back in high school we followed Jam Band to almost all their functions. I will always remember his smile, his personality, and his ability to make people dance. What I remembered most is that one Jouvert morning a fight broke up between two guys. Nick Friday saw the crowd's reaction toward the fight and stopped the band. He then said, "come on man we are here to have fun stop the fighting and lets jam". The fighting stopped and the band continued to play. When I saw that I said WOW! People really respect Nick Friday. You will always be remembered Nick. God is rounding up his angels; we know you will be watching us from above. Rest in peace.
Phillip Bedminster
Sugar Land, Texas
I must say growing up as a child i remember listening to Daddy Friday. He is a legend
God Bless You! Daddy Nick, God is waiting for you Daddy. Rest In Peace.
I am so saddened by the passing of my friend "Nick" Friday. When I heard the news his face flashed before my eyes and I saw his classic smile. The smile that could melt your heart. He has touched many, and has left behind a legacy of music that will last forever. He made us dance, laugh out loud and clap our hands with joy from his music with "Jamband". He is loved by many and we will never forget him. Rest in Peace my friend!
Carolyn Wells-Whittaker
New Jersey
Daddy Friday was a legend. Growing up in St. Kitts, I remember always going to the Jam band jams with my crew and we would have the time of our lives! Over the years, we migrated to other parts of the world, but we always had those memories to hold onto forever. After St. Thomas carnival every year, we'd call each other trying to get our hands on the latest Jam band CD which took us back to those glory days. Thanks Friday for being a part of the happiest days of my life. R.I.P.
Wayne A. Archibald
Randallstown, Md.
I was deeply saddened and absolutely stunned to hear of Nick Friday's passing yesterday evening. For many of us on the U.S. mainland, I think we felt the need to call more than one person to actually confirm the truth of the news.
Jam Band's sound has come to redefine the Sound of Virgin Islands music over the years and has noticeably influenced the music of bands in other islands like the Sugar Band (St. Kitts) and Small Axe Band (Dominica). In fact, on a Caribbean station here in Maryland, I recently heard one of these bands and marveled at how much Friday's influence of calling out friends' names at the beginning of the song and the heavy rhythms had become a part of other islands' calypso music.
The V.I. Community has truly lost a musical genius – one whose unique vocal style can NEVER be replaced. Rest in peace 'Friday,' and thank you for giving so many of us fond memories and lots of Carnivals to remember.
Lo'an Sewer
Washington, D.C.
Well it saddens us from near and far of the sudden death of one and only Nicholas "Nick" Friday. We all grew up listening to his music, dancing to his music and for we who lives abroad…cannot wait until he comes to the mainland for us whine our waist until we drop. Now we have to listen to his old music and smile and reminisce on where we were, who we was it, and what mad him mad to bring out another road march. We lived for your music, we worshiped the music and we going to miss the music. His lights maybe out but in our hearts it will be dim, we will miss you and you will be missed.
**My deepest sympathy to his family***
Denise D. Peters
Atlanta, Ga.

I so very shocked to hear the passing of Nick Friday as I knew him "Daddy Friday". I will miss his music as I am a lover of music and Jam Band.
So very young.
I know his music will be remembered by myself and many more.
Shelly Zagers
NICK, It was truly a shock to hear of your passing. I did not know you personally, just as a passing friend. As a Virgin Islander I have admire your music and your accomplishments. I have followed your music from the US & British Virgin Islands to New York, Miami, Atlanta, and on one occasion here in Boston. My sincerest condolences to your family.
Verna R Cameron
Boston, Mass.

I am a New York native, but my family was born and raised in St. Thomas USVI. I am a fan of 'JAM BAND' and I always attended their shows whenever they came to NY. I so sorry to here this news. My heart goes out to the band and Friday's family and friends, he was one of a kind. He will be missed dearly. Jam Band will never be the same again. I really hope they will continue on with his legacy. Because the Friday I know would have definitely wanted them to continue on!
Shawand Rogers
New York
I would like to send my sympathy to the family and friends of Nick Friday. I think it is such a shock when someone dies so suddenly and unexpectedly. When stuff like this happens, it shows everyone that no one is invincible. To the Virgin Islands, Friday was our personal Elvis. I know many people who were coming to Miami for Carnival will greatly miss him.
Jackie Joshua
Pembroke Park, Fla.
I was shocked when I heard the news about 6:50pm on yesterday. Not shocked about death, but I had no idea that he was sick. I spent years of partying with Jam Band and Friday when he was a young man. I now get my joys praising the Lord because I am a born again child of God. I pray that if Friday didn't know the Lord, that he had time to accept the Him before he died. His music still brings back good memories of my youth but only what you do for Christ will last. Friday is gone but for those of you who are still alive, I send you this message with love, seek Him (God) while you yet have time.
Anon Fleming-Francois
Orlando, Fla.
I am in Awe, I met Nick, Jerry and Molo a few years in Miami and had such a wonderful time with them, I stayed in touch with Molo through out the years, I got a phone call just now saying nick had died, I was planning to go to Miami this week end to reunite with the old crew, he will be truly missed. my condolences go out to the family.
Westchester, N.Y.
I just want to give my condolences to the family, friends, band members & aquaintances of Nick "Daddy" Friday. He will be sorely missed. Not only for his talents, but, for the way that he was able to bring people together. You will be missed Nick.
Writer is from Norfolk, Virginia

My name is Rosie deCastro-Kelley and I reside in New York. I am truly filled with great sadness to hear of Nick's passing. Anyone who knows me knows that Marita, the mother of Nick's two daughters, and I grew up and are still joined in the hip as sisters no matter what part of the world I have lived in. In saying that, not only did I know Nick from Jam Band, but also on a personal level. I am filled with sadness that he is not here to be with us and the beautiful daughters he left behind, but God knows best and I am sure that he is at peace!Rosie deCastro-Kelley
New York
he will be missed. we love him alot. we hope that the rest of the team will stay together and keep playing good music. because daddy friday would want that. we orlando florida was in shock of his death. cell phones was ring off the hook. he will be missed, but will be making better music in heaven , big up daddy friday we all will missed you. the hold of orlando massives. Peace
St. Croix
I am so sorry to here about friday i loved him so much and enjoyed his music all my life now i will miss all that rest in peace friday we love you i am in orlando florida

Anthonia Prescod
Orlando, Fla.
Many heart felt condolences to the family of Nick Friday and to the Jam
Band "Family".
Many over the years have listened and danced to the music created by Nick Friday & the Jam Band Members. How many truly understand the drive and passion of music engrained in any of the musician's souls determined to have their voices heard. Being a musician on these islands is not always an easy road to walk, yet Nick Friday and Jam Band managed to hold on to the same determined road year after year. One must respect the passion and drive it takes to get there and stay there for as many years as they have. Nick Friday and the Jam Band members are and will always be a part of our islands history. Nick's passing is one of great sadness within and outside of the music arena. At the same time, it is also the birth of a Legend.
I also express great gratitude to Nick Friday and the Jam Band Family for embracing my son as a respected musician to play with them as many times as they have.
Nuff Respect to the Jam Band "Family" Always.
Carol Berry
St. Thomas
I'm in total shock right now, i don't no what to say, but my sympathy goes out too his family. I'm from St.Croix and reside in N.Y.
Dennis Morton
New York
This is Clement Monarch Ogarro, entertainer MC/Calypsonian from St Kitts. Now residing and working in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
As someone who has had the experience of working with Daddy Friday before, this news has hit me like a lightning bolt from left field. Music has lost its soul and it's voice in the Virgin Islands and surrounding islands. Daddy we know you are in a better place and you will teach the angels "how to win the road" but we will also miss you in more ways than one. My memories of your performances in Houston TX for carnival, at the St Kitts Music Festival, and earlier this year at St Thomas carnival will live on forever. Best wishes to your family, friends and fans. LET THE MUSIC LIVE. Thanks.
Monarch Ogarro
St. Kitts
I was devastated to hear the news of Friday. I heard the news as I was commuting home in New York. I recalled many fond memories of the jams I used to attend as a teen and throughout my adult years. Jam Band was the only band from St. Thomas to hit the airwaves in New York, primetime, in decades, thanks to Friday's trademark voice. We will miss or great musical genius for he is a truly a Virgin Island treasure. My family and I wish his family all the best and may God Bless them all.
Annette "Pebbles" Donovan-Hughes
New York
Just hearing the news about daddy's death made my stomach turn. I had so many good times with the band. I traveled Tortola with them and Atlanta. One thing I know is no band can talk away my stress like daddy Friday and Jam Band. Friday had a commanding voice that was capturing to your soul that ease any tension. When they strike up I always said yes that's my band me and my crew would be directly in front the band boy daddy music was sweet like sugar, hot like pepper. For memorial weekend when the band played in Atlanta that was the last I saw nick and even then he wasn't keeping well but he didn't wanted to disappoint his fans we were important to daddy. Friday was always low spoken but boy when they played out the band had jokes nick would clown on boots and Harry. if you traveled with the band you will know what I'm talking about. Friday will be greatly missed there is none like him in the music industry. Daddy I will never ever give up music your music is stuck in my brain.
Charisma Dewindt-Raymond
Atlanta, Ga.
Hi everybody I am shocked to this world to find out that the awesome "Nick Friday" is gone. My sympathy goes out to his family and close friends. I will never forget my first time going to Jam Band and my last. All I know that it will never be the same again.I also wish Antigua and the Virgin Islands natives my sympathy also. He will be dearly missed but never forgotten. May his soul rest in peace and forever be remembered. The one and only awesome "Nick Daddy Friday." You will be missed deeply. May God bless us all.

Cherise Gordon
Columbia, S.C.
Two hour after his passing my VI friend here in Miami called me to tell me the sad news. Wow! It hit like a lighting Bolt. Daddy Friday was the greatest lyricster of a unique musical style untouchable by none. He will live on forever in the history of the Virgin Islands.
Having way back in the day connection to Eddie and The Movements with "Luvy", Eddie, Ray, etc. it leaves a sad void. I had both business involvement and great love for the musical style of the band and Friday.. I mean everytime I hear a Jamband tune on the radio here in Miami it is like a Bolt of exciting electicity triggering an automatic body movement. Music You just cant help but to move to. Friday you left a deep powerful musical mark. Now (RoadMarch) KING sit on your Throne FOREVER.
Calvin Hendricks
Miami, Fla.
My prayers goes out to the Family and Diehard Fans of Nick "Daddy" Friday. Friday was truly a legend in his own way. Carnivals in St. Thomas and Tortola and the Virgin Islands as a whole, will never be the same again. Like the song says "NO JAMBAND NO CARNIVAL." The Virgin Islands has lost a true legend. I can recall my days of jamming with the then Eddie and the Movements, then Jam Band and with Daddy Friday and the Awesome Jam Band — and now my children too love his music. I would go over to St. Thomas from Tortola almost every weekend or had to get a copy of the live jam just to hear a Jam Band jam. To Boots and all the other band members, stay strong, JAH will see you all through this trying time. We were promised death but no one is ever ready to accept it. I love all of Jam Band songs but my favorite is the one about "Music will never die" and my favorite party mix is "Can You Feel It". Right now the whole Virgin Islands feel the loss of this extraordinary man who was like an Icon for the very young and adults too. The young children had high respect for Friday. May the memories of Nick "Daddy" Friday forever remain in our hearts.
Judy-Ann Smith
Hello my name is Kiture (Speedy) Burke. I had the opportunity of meeting and playing against Daddy Friday while I myself at the time was playing with Tarco and the Playboys. He was an Icon and will truly be missed. May God bless his family.
Kiture Burke
Remember playing pan as a teenager and the music the members mostly wanted to push for road march was by the Jam Band. I also remember someone say that Friday could set up in the parking lot with a loud speaker and a crowd would gather, he had such a commanding presence. The fun times and memories that Friday and Jam Band have created go back even to the days of Jams in CAHS Gym. Since returning home in 1991, Jouvert was never missed and now it won't be quite the same without Friday on the truck. The news of his passing is still hard to accept. My sympathy goes out to the family, his close friends, the JAMBAND. Nick "Daddy" Friday will be greatly missed but never forgotten, never. What he has left behind speaks volumes of his accomplishments and service to V.I. community.
Derek Joseph
Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan
The passing of a great legend has hit the Virgin Islands and Virgin Islanders in the Mainland with such a sud
den shock. I not only know Friday from Jamband but as a dear family friend. So my family in Miami, St. Thomas, Orlando, and Tortola sends our deepest condolences and warm wishes to family and friends. A wonderful musician is gone but his memory and legend will live on for years to come. He is with GOD now, so may his soul Rest In Peace and his memory live on in our hearts.
Tischelle Simmons
Miami, Fla.
my condolences to Friday + family. you will be miss we love your music . jam band will never be the same. we always love when jamband come to new york and play. RIP LOVE ALWAYS.
Judy and Joanna
New York
As I recall it, we had a wonderful time traveling with JamBand to ATL Carnival in May, then back to STT to hang out at Coral World, then off to DC Carnival in June. We jokingly admitted that we had more JamBand this year than any other year we could remember. As a cultural ambassador for the Virgin Islands, all then, Friday was not at his best, but he certainly did not disappoint his loyal fans; he would be seen taking constant breaks between performances. However, aside from JamBand, we were able to get to know Friday on a personal and intellectual level; often debating politics–every opportunity we had. Having learned of his untimely passing, it has left a shock wave which permeates through the Caribbean and the mainland. Because of Fridays popularity amongst the Virgin Island (British and US) community and more particularly, his influence on the youths, it is most accurate to say that "the community stands in mourning". If I may state it perspectively, Friday is to us, what Bob Marley was to the world. Condolences goes out to his family, his faithful followers, the members and crew of the Awesome JamBand, and the Virgin Island community as a whole. This is a great loss and Friday will be surely missed. May we all find comfort in knowing that during this time of bereavement we can hold on to our faith, remembering the lyrics of the songwriter: "Don't cry for me when I'm gone, cause I'm free . . . celebrate my life, celebrate the years, celebrate the fellowship, wipe your tears away".
Be encouraged.

Carrine (Sparkle) Todman
Washington, D.C.
Only Jah knows why he takes the ones we love, but rest assure that his reasons are genuine and pure. Yes we will miss Friday for all the songs he brought to us, and the jams that we attended- boy those were bashment. Our memories will be with us forever, so until we meet again rest in peace Daddy Friday. Bless. Coming from de NYC Crew- Siah B, Luna, P, Capone, and the whole shiesty massive one.
New York City
My condolences goes out to the friends, family, and band members of Nick Friday. He will be sorely missed.

Covington, Ga.
Why do some of our LEGENDS die young? Maybe there is no definitive answer to that question. But DADDY as we know him was definitely a LEGEND! His musical legacy would go on for generations to come. I'm so fortunate that I am a part of that legacy and would continue to be an advocate of it. I personally want to thank you daddy for bringing such fun and excitement into my life! You are one of a kind! My heart goes out to your family! "LET DEM KNOW DAT JAM BAND IS ALWAYS IN CONTROL." Tyrone a.k.a. J.
Tyrone Matthews
Atlanta, Ga.

I'm saddened to hear this news. I had no ideas he was sick in that sense. I enjoyed Friday and Jam Band every year in New York at their dances w/ Burning Flames, WCK etc. I was disappointed they were not in New York this past Labor Day. However, I was on Tortola last August and enjoyed seeing him and hearing him live on the road for Jouvert etc. My condolences goes out to his family and friends.
Stephanie Estrada
Boston, Mass.
If there ever was a single voice that nurtured my love for the music and
people of St Thomas it was "Daddy's" voice in Jam Band.
He will live forever in his words and music that truly was St Thomas.
John "teech" Worobetz
Summit, N.J.
I wish to extend my personal condolences to the family and friends of Nicholas Friday. His touch upon the popular culture of the Virgin Islands, and by extension, the Caribbean, will be sorely missed. He was truly an amiable spirit that brought much joy to the hearts of those who were privileged to know him. May his soul rest in peace.

Wayne L. Sprauve
Johannesburg, South Africa
My Condolences goes out to friends and family members of this great man Nick Friday. I was born in St.Thomas and now live in Irving, TX. I have been here 7yrs and have left home with every jamband tape or cd that I might own. The passing of Friday was very touching and so unreal. When I first got the news, in the space of 3min, I got bout 3 phone calls, and 5 text messages, then I knew it was real. Growing up, and waiting to go to your first sambaed jam, or boat ride or even joule, was one thing I looked forward too. When I got old enough to do such, and finally got a chance to say hey "Daddy", Friday responded like he knew me for years. He was my first celebrity I met, and very much someone to look up too. I had a chance to see him one last time in Houston, TX, on 6-24-05, and it never fails to have a party with Friday leading the crowd. He has quoted may phrases, and always spoke his mind, something I can live on for him through myself. Thanks for helping me love who I am, and love where I came from. He would be greatly missed.
Neil Francis
Irving, Texas
It seems like just yesterday I spoke to Daddy Friday!
The Music field has lost a great legend in Music and
Personal Friend to many. Friday and I were very close
we shared phone calls to each other on a regular
business. When He graduated as a Lawyer I was so
happy I remember calling to congratulate him and
remind him when ever I need a Lawyer he is on the top
of my list. He just laughed. A short time has passed
and he has made his landmark. May we learn to live
and follow in this his giant footsteps – a Caring,
Devoted, Dedicated, Strong Companion and Friend?
SKB Missives would surely miss you whenever we travel
to St Thomas. We would travel down there just to hear
St Kitts
As I am sitting here writing this letter, the tunes continue to echo in my head and tears roll from my eyes. I felt like I just lost part of my culture and teenage experience growing up in the Virgin Islands. Friday was the voice of the young people. I left St.Thomas many years ago and moved to the Bronx, Friday and Jam band moved with me. My new neighborhood became a Jam Band neighborhood not just of VI or Caribbean people but my new American friends became follower of the Jam Bands. I invited my friends to Jump up and after a taste of the Daddy they were fans for life. Last night we had a drink to give thanks to God for Friday and we played his music, danced and I laughed to see how Friday got the Yankee man who could not move his waist to wine. In his songs he had a message for us, and I believe there is a message in his death to us. We should get educated about the diseases that are plaguing the Islands and let's start preventing them. May Friday's family find peace and comfort.

John Isaac and Family
White Plains, N.Y.
As I sit here at my desk, I take a little time to read the postings and articles. My goose bumps arise and my eyes are hot from tears that won't flow. I'm remembering my times entranced by the music of Jam Band and Friday. Those were my times. The times when the only care was culture. I too look out for the new Jam Band CD's, etc. My youngest son, 11 yrs. of age born in Jacksonville is drawn to Friday's voice and the band's rhythm. My oldest son 21 can relate because he was born into the music. We have a roast of time when we put on our CD's and wind up our waist and get on bad. Our condolences to the family and all fans that morn Nick Friday. May you have peace in your journey home, and
as you look upon all that mourn you, may you smile for you were loved by even those whom you did not know.

Cecelia Benjamin-Dore
Jacksonville, Florida
As I am sitting here writing this letter, the tunes continue to echo in my head and tears roll from my eyes. I felt like I just lost part of my culture and teenage experience growing up in the Virgin Islands. Friday was the voice of the young people. I left St. Thomas many years ago and moved to the Bronx, Friday and Jam band moved with me. My new neighborhood became a Jam Band neighborhood not just of V.I. or Caribbean people but my new American friends became follower of the Jam Bands. I invited my friends to Jump up and after a taste of the Daddy they were fans for life. Last night we had a drink to give thanks to God for Friday and we played his music, danced and I laughed to see how Friday got the Yankee man who could not move his waist to wine. In his songs he had a message for us, and I believe there is a message in his death to us. We should get educated about the diseases that are plaguing the Islands and let's start preventing them. May Friday's family find peace and comfort.

John Isaac and Family
Bronx, N.Y.
I as a Virgin Islander myself was deeply sadden to here the news about such a great Leader, Musician, all around nice guy.
I live in New York, and would always go and support Jam Band, with the rest of my VI MASSIVE THEM when ever they were here in New York. He will certainly be missed.
Everade Llewellyn
New York
We have lost a loved one and a piece of our heart has left us. It is a shock to all VI people and fans all over the world. But his spirit hasn't left us. Be strong and unite together as one.

K. Morgan
MY condolences goes out to the family of Nicholas Nick Friday. May god continue to keep the family strong, and we know your son, father, brother, and grandfather is called home to continue for good reasons. His music will continue to live on in our mind, I remember when I was a little girl and would take a beating from my mom just to go out to jouvert and say I was behind Jamband. It was worth every minute of it.
Even though we did not have the band in New York which was quiet a dissappointment we understand.
Nick RIP until we meet again It is heart broken when the good ones go firstcoming from the Bronx Adee Crew will continue to play your music.

Eddie jr, Eddie3, shaquisha, shaquyien, goldine, and peggy The jamband family
I so much enjoyed Friday and Jam Band. Although I am not from V.I. I went to college in Atlanta and had a roommate who was from St. Thomas. She took me to a Jam Band Dance one day and I was hooked. After that I never missed Jam Band when they were in Atlanta. I enjoyed the music and the songs immensely. Friday will be greatly missed. Sincerely,
Brooklyn, N.Y.
I remember growing up I would scope away from home to hear JAMBAND and when I got home I would get licks, even to hear one song it made me felt good. I favor the old songs of JAMBAND and just like Bob Marley I know his music will live on. Friday had a way with words on a mic. The way he sang it was just different. When I heard that he had pass I could not believe it but sure enough it was true. One time he was playing here on Tortola and people were fighting he said " If r u don't stop fighting jam done" he was a entertainer and that is what he love and it made him happy to see people do things he told them to do, he would laugh and look back at the other band members laughing away and holding his head down with laughter he had a smile that would light up any room when he laugh that is how I will remember him……………. He was a Virgin Islands celebrity. Rest on Daddy Friday………………..
Road Town
We were saddened upon hearing the news of 'Daddy Friday's passing earlier this week. We, my husband in particular is quite devastated. He has been a fan of Friday's since he played in Eddie and the Movement, and holds almost all of Jam band cd's. Indeed the world has lost one of it's 'Light's'. For those of us who was fortunate to experience this musical genius we were truely blessed. Our condolences goes out to his family, his Jam band family and the whole of St. Thomas.
Liburd Family
Randallstown, Md.

Los Angeles, Cal.
Well, this is very sad news. One of the things I miss so much is the vibrant music of the islands and few groups embody that more than Jam Band. I only knew Nick fleetingly but everyone knew his music. My husband and I were at our final event for the season at the Hollywood Bowl a couple of weeks ago and joked how we should produce Jam Band at the 17,000-seat amphitheater. Rob and I reminisced about Jam Band's music, convinced that people would fill the Bowl if they could see and hear this incredible group. I am so glad we bought some of their music before we left. It's time to listen to it, wind up and go down Inspection Lane one more time. The great thing about artists is that they live on through what they created and left to the rest of us to continue to enjoy.
Davida Siwisa James
The news of Friday's passing really hit me like a ton of bricks! I am a native "Rock Man" that knew Nick from Smith Bay and his early days in Movements. We knew he was sick but did not expect to get news like this so early. Everything that has been said about Nick is true; he was one of the most personable stars to walk in our islands. He was all about his music and enjoying life. It still amazes me how keen a sense he had to all the problems in the V.I., other islands, and then put them to music. We knew if it got under his skin enough to expect a song on the next album; nothing vicious, just enough to provoke your mind and make you wine you waist. Since I live in the states now, Jam Band's albums are like a musical recap of what went wrong or right in the islands the previous year. Its funny to remember now, but when other recent bands came out the topic of "daddy can't sing" was all over people lips. Then both bands left the music scene, one came back and who stood tall to the day he died… yes ah we "daddy"!!! 20 time road march champ, good father, bandleader, friend, neighbor. R.I.P. Nick you gone but will never be forgotten!! My deepest condolences to his family and the band.
My name is SSG Joseph E. Faulkner, stationed in Baumholder, Germany and I would like to send my condolences to the Nick Friday family. I lost both of my parents, Helen and James E. Faulkner Sr., to cancer several years ago, and, as a Virgin Islander, I am greatly sadden by the recent passing of our brother who we have grown to know musically as Friday of the Jam Band. My family and I are very sad that another great musician from the Virgin Islands has passed on into the evenly sky to rest. May Friday rest in peace.
SSG Joseph E. Faulkner
Baumholder, Germany
The last time I had this feeling was on December 21, 1997. That was the day Emile "Milo" Francis died. And it was total disbelief! Well, I'm saddened to say that's the same feeling I got when I heard the news of Friday's passing. And no words can soothe something like this. But God only picks the best. Nick-nick … this is Terry from down the hill by your uncle Milo, Stay up sweetie. And to the rest of the family … Thanks for sharing Friday with all of us. He will always be missed!
P.S. All of the whoopings I got for sneaking out just to go to a Jam-band jam was worth it. Back then the saying was "licks gon cool" And I know that I wasn't the only one πŸ™‚ Respect always,
Killeen, Texas
It's hard to say good-bye to one of St. Thomas best. Friday was so good at bring out the best in St. Thomas music year after year. It's sad to see him go. I send my condolences and prayers to the familys and Jamband. God choice his best angels always.
Cleone Fahie Blair
w York
My heart is broken.by the news of Nicholas untimely dead. I'll treasurer our time and memories that we shared, My condolences goes out to the Friday family and his friends.
I remeber like it was yesterday, Nick was always telling me to put on clothes and it's so amazing to me that he was and angel because i'm a christian and i've put on clothes but the sad because i never got a chance to share this with him., but i know he looking down at me saying i'm proud of you,just like i've always told him i'm so proud of you Nicholas .MAY YOU REST IN PEACE MY ANGEL,nick you'll be sadly missed but never forgotten I LOVE YOU NICHOLAS. your friend always
DE spw
Orlando, Fla.
It was on Kayala's 19th birthday,the family and I was home listening to JamBand the night before waiting for miami carnival. Then we got a phone call from the family to hear the news our cousin Nick daddy friday has passed away we sat there in the living room in total shocked just to know that couples months before Kayala was in tortola partying with JamBand. To aunty Jackie, Nickole, NickNick and the rest of the family he's in the hands of our precious Lord may he rest in peace until we meet again
Your cousins
Elenette Hodge -Smith , Kayala,Kaye-ANN "kaye" ,K'terri ,
Kyle ,JoeVaughn "Jamband pilli" Smith

Orlando, Fla.
Nick, It is with a heavy heart that i sit here tonite and write this message. I've known and been a follower of Jam Band for over 20years. Even though I moved from St. Thomas some years ago, I still listened to the music and keep up with what was happening with the band. It first began when I use to go to Nazareth when you all were the Movements. I never missed a dance. Briefly my cousin Debbie and I followed Imagi, who were we fooling, our hearts and soul belonged to the Movements. Within six months we were back. You were right there to welcome us back and you weren't even mad at us. We had so many good times together at boat rides, fish fries, parking lot, legion hall and especially at fat man's. I have so many memories of those times the best times of my life besides the birth of my children. I am feeling so numb, I guess it really didn't hit me yet that you are gone. It wasn't until i saw your picture on the web site and read some of the other messages that i shed my first tear. But the tears was not for you because I know you are at peace and with the one that loves you most. My tears are for my good friend your brother Jerry, your parents, your children, grandchildren, the band and your fans . The ones that loved you most are the ones who have to come to grips with out having you here to make them feel everything is alright. You had that presence about. Your voice commanded people to move to perform to bring out the best in everyone. I never left a jamband dance not feeling satisfied. I always had a good time with my boy Boots, we had the time of our lives. We enjoyed our youth, we drank, we laughed, we cried, we fought, we fell and we got up again. Because of you and the band we have memories to last us a lifetime. I know you would want the band to carry on, even though it would never again be the same jamband just the thought that you would want them to do well will keep them going and they will prevail. You have joined Legends before you in eternity. I patiently await my time when i get to see my loved ones, you Nick and my other favorite musician Bob Marley on the other side. In the meantime take it easy and you and Bob get together and make some good music for when i get there. REST IN PEACE AND ONE LOVE ALWAYS,
Laura T
Bronx, N.Y.
Shock is what I felt when I received a text message from my niece last night. I dismissed it as rumor at first but was stunned and heartbroken when I found out that it was true. My heart goes out to his family and close friends. My hope is that through this tragedy the community will wake up and realize how serious diabetes is. Aggressive awareness and education is needed so that we don’t lose one more person to this disease.
Sonia Smith
Atlanta, Ga.
I've been Living in Boston, Massachusetts for the last 23 years, I haven't seen a St. Thomas Carnival since 1982, but I've been a Jamband (Eddie and the Movements) fan, since day 1. But I've always managed to get at least one C D and T-shirt, and that's Jamband. I grew up in St. John, and over several years now, I've been hearing Friday sending out shouts to all my friends back in St. John. If I was still there, I know I'll be hearing my name even now. It's still very shocking to me that he's gone. There's no who can replace Friday for what in brings to this thing we call V I music. But I'm honoring Friday and the Jamband in my own way here in the States. For the rest of October, I will not play any music in my car, but Jamband music, this is my tribute. My condolences to his family and friends World Wide.
Boston, Mass.
I am a native of the Virgin Islands St.Croix, living in New York and i heard the news of fridays passing about an hour after it happened. I could not belive it. I kept saying "are you sure it is Friday from Jam Band?" my godsister kept saying yes Eddie is Friday he dead. It was not until I called home to st. croix and everyone was confirming the news. I am a die hard Jam Band fan to the point that i participated in the the 2002- 2003 festival troupe for carnival in St. Croix which was sponsored by the jam band. It surley was mas. I just want say my condolences to the Friday family and the Jam band members. His music will surely be missed in New York(where i reside) for Labor day weekend. REST IN PEACE DADDY FRIDAY, YOUR MUSIC WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN

New York City
I would like to send my prayers and condolences to the family and friends of Nick Friday. I would also like to send a heartfelt prayer to the members (old and new) of Jam Band. The band was like his second family and as the first female to sing with Jam Band, I feel like we were all family. Always the charismatic comedian, Nick knew just what to say to make you feel at ease. The memories I have are of the days when we all laughed and "cracked" on each other between breaks, traveled, and rehearsed for hours, as we sat in awe as he spewed out lyrics to a new song, effortlessly. Truly, I was in the presence of a legend. I am happy that I was able to reunite with the group when they came up to D.C. earlier this year. I was finally able to embrace, talk and laugh with Nick. Although he seemed fatigued, he maintained his composure and that winning smile. He was special that way, never complaining but giving his all to his fans because the show must go on and so will his memory. He touched all of our lives and left behind a wonderful legacy. Peace and blessings to the fans, friends and family members of the legendary "Daddy Friday"!
Baltimore, Md.
Give thanks and praises to the Almighty! Friday, God took you home. He knows best. I keep thinking of the years we got to spend with you. Remember the good old days, of Smith Bay with the original Eddie and the Movements crew, Eddie, Ray, Trevor, Steve and the rest of the guys. I cannot believe that it has been twenty something years ago, it seems like yesterday. I moved to New York in 1983 but has been home to St.Thomas often. Seeing you April 2005 and hearing you shouting me out from on top of the truck every time you saw me still makes me smile, just thinking of you and your warm personality. You never missed a beat. We spoke whenever you visited New York and sometimes laughed about the things we did back then. Who knew that it would be our last time? God has a better plan! For your parents, I say a pray. No one wants to bury their child. To your children, I say stay focus. The world feels your pain and mourns with you!

Bronx, N.Y.
To Friday and family, we miss you and love you, you and your family will always be in our prays.god bless the family and Friday, you will never be f
orgotten. Yours truly.
Shawnae (a.k.a jody)
Orlando, Fla.
Condolences and heartfelt sympathy go out to the family, friends and fans of the late great vocalist, Nicholas "Nick" Friday. Nick will always be remembered as the voice and driving force of Jamband and also Eddie and the Movements . Nick will surely be missed not only in the Virgin Islands but also in the rest of the Caribbean and of course New York City and the USA where Jamband is well known for its performances and contributions. May he rest in peace.
Earl L. Lawrence
New York City
As a former classmate of Nick Friday, I was saddened to hear of his passing. I sat next to Nick in Ms. Martin's 5th grade class and Mrs. Sprauve's 6th grade class. We went on to 7th through 12th saying hi in passing. I moved away from the VI, but always looked forward to coming home to Movement and eventually Jam Band's Carnival Road March.
My friends used to ask me if it is only Nick Friday and Jam Band I know–Well, when you see someone like Nick grow through the years, it is very difficult not to love him. He was a natural even way back then.
The kids in our 5th grade class used to box him upside his head to make him sing and drum on the desk. We were a rowdy group of kids, but he was loved even then.
Nick, rest in peace, may God bless your family as they carry on without you. You will always be Jam Band to me–Always luv 4u my brotha,

Maslyn Prosper
Miami, Fla.

I got up this morning just to read the paper on Friday's burial, but I also listened to it on the radio station, www.wvwi.net (radio one) when my cousin told me about it. I live in Tampa, Florida, but I felt I was there just the same. In the other room my fiance played Jam Band tunes while my dids was wuking their waist. I don't think the tunes will ever die and now I feel we have to hunt for the CD's we didn't get. My fiancé, Randy ada Macady, is a DJ from Bovoni and he played in NYC for the years we lived there and now here for VI Massive Dem in Tampa. There was no party without Jam Band tunes played. Our condolences goes out to Friday's family, we will miss him but remember him always. Nuff respect to Daddy Friday, We love him!!! The Hodge family– Randy, Darlene, Randi, Raneesha, Shaina and Randesha. The Rogers family—Shawand and Jeremiah. The James family—Kinba, Jahniyjah, Jaheem and Jahwanza.
darlene rogers
Tampa, Fla.
Nick you are a very special person. One who have touched the hearts of many through your music. There is no word to say how I feel of you passing. You will always and forever be in my heart. My condolences to his family and friends. To Jackie I don't no you personal but I have seen you with Nick and saw the love in your eyes for him. He could not ask for a better person to be by his side. The Blessing of the Lord be with you always. To his children you could not ask for a better father. Just remember he is not alone. No more suffering and no more pain for Trevor Nicholas Friday. He has gone to a better place. Your soul is at peace with your maker. Gone too soon !!!!!

I would like to extend my condolences to the family and friends of Nick Friday. I was a good friend of Nick's while we were in high school – long before Jam Band. He will be missed. May he rest in peace. Eudora Kean, Class of 1981.
Carol Farquhar-Carter
Men this news was so hard for me. I remember growing up listening to the music of the most popular calypso band in the Virgin Islands JAMBAND. I was shocked. My condolences goes out to the family, friends, and fans of Nick Friday. When I was in Junior high school we a had little click that whenever or wherever Jamband played we would get our new clothes and go perform. It was Lenora, Latisha, Shany, Beverly, and Milly. We used to go to Elena Christian Junior High School. We were like their biggest fans. Especially when they played at Cramers Park for Easter we would be right there dancing our butts off. Up to now that I am grown I still love the music of Jamband. I always get their new CD's. Nick will surely be missed. May he Rest In Peace. I leave with this piece from one of Jamband's older songs " Jamband where you play is where I wanna be no one else can play music for me cause the music so sweet when you wanya cause Jamband brings the buoy session on ya hey hey hey hey. I will always remember you and hold you in my heart NICK. Love, Luz Perinon B.K.A Milly Cruzian Massive.
Luz Perinon
Fayetteville, N.C.
I could not believe the news that Nick had died. He seemed so absolutely full of life that it just seemed impossible to have happened. I have been a fan for several years and made a video of the band in 2003 at the St. John Carnival. If his family would like a copy, please let me know. He will be greatly missed. St. John Carnival will not be the same without him. My condolences to his family.
Dennis Griffin
North Chelsford, Mass.
My fondest memory of Nick was at Eudora Kean H. S. when we had a calypso show and he was of course the winner; it was at this time most of us girls paid attention to him and his talent. We graduated from Kean High and went different ways, but he is one of the few classmates I was able to keep abreast of what was going on in his life, whether it was from his brother Clement (in New York), who often bragged about his brother's accomplishments, or through friends. Visiting home and listening to Jam Band won't be the same without Nick. Class of "82."
Mathilda Laurencin-Petersen
Brooklyn, New York.

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