It hasn't been easy hauling myself out of bed the last few gray, wet mornings, and even harder actually opening the door and stepping outside in the RAIN.
But guess what? It is just water. I haven't melted. And the world is still going 'round.
But that is a lesson our children will not learn today. Nor will they learn anything else in the official halls of education, because we have closed the schools – just in case. I have neither seen nor heard about one road wash-out on St. Thomas. In fact, in my half-hour drive to work, I barely saw any debris on the roads. Things may well be worse on St. Croix. And maybe, just maybe, one or two of the St. Thomas schools are experiencing flooding because of maintenance deficiencies. If so, close those particular schools.
But please, don't tell our children that their education is so unimportant that it can only be tended to on sunny days.
One wonders how many students managed to get out to the mall, or over to a friend's house in the rain. And how many teachers did the same?
Bernetia Akin
St. Thomas

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