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This Week’s Senate Calendar

Here’s what’s on tap at the V.I. Legislature this week.

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Half a dozen young people, local artists and music producers have created a peace song for Carnival 2014. To read more about the song, click here.

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Beach Advisory for November 27 -- Dec. 4

 DPNR advises the public to refrain from using the coastal waters throughout the territory until further notification.  The Department of Planning and Natural Resources (DPNR) has announced that due to heavy rains this week, the Division of Environmental Protection (DEP) anticipates that negative environmental impacts will be caused by storm water runoff.

2015-11-27 22:10:51
The Status of HIV/AIDS in the Virgin Islands

The HIV epidemic not only affects the health of individuals, it impacts households and communities. In the Virgin Islands, 1,061 HIV and AIDS cases were reported between 1983 and December 2014.

2015-11-27 22:07:42
‘The Gruffalo’ to Play at UVI Little Theatre Thanksgiving Weekend

“The Gruffalo,” directed by Pamela New, is a 'fun-tastic' show by UVI's Little Theatre students. It's a family friendly show to be performed Thanksgiving weekend.

2015-11-26 12:40:00
Commentary - Open forum — St. Thomas
Three Cheers for the Stars and Stripes Poker Run

David A. Bornn Esq., president of Downtown Revitalization Inc., thanks those who made the first Stars and Stripes Poker Run (a boating race event) to Downtown Charlotte Amalie a success.

Read entire articleJul 29 2014 - 11:09pm
Pistarckle Begins Summer Camp on July 28

Pistarckle Theater’s Nikki Emerich informs the public that its summer camp will begin on July 28 and end on Aug. 22.

Read entire articleJul 24 2014 - 5:16pm
The V.I. Can Shoot for the Moon

Kelly Gloger, a managing partner of Solar Delivered, says Virgin Islanders and their political leaders need to make a commitment to becoming a user of 100 percent renewable fuel as quickly as possible.

Read entire articleJul 23 2014 - 9:31am
New Partner, Same Old Plan?

Kelly Gloger urges the Virgin Islands to expand its vision and “speed up the territory’s time table for transitioning to a fossil-fuel-free energy future.”

Read entire articleJul 8 2014 - 5:51pm
Internet Companies Win on Taxes, V.I. Loses

Verdel L. Petersen writes about the history of the Malone Amendment and the lost tax revenue it has engendered at the expense of the Virgin Islands.

Read entire articleJun 22 2014 - 2:27pm
Creating a Nearly 100% Renewable Energy Plan

Kelly Gloger points out the ways that electric power can be created in the near future, only a small portion of V.I. energy will come from fossil fuels, and costs will drop.

Read entire articleJun 18 2014 - 2:49am
Gallantry Is for Gentlemen of Distinction

Clement “Cain” Magras celebrates the idea of the gentlemen, and he hopes that gallantry and politeness, among other virtues, are still alive in the Virgin Islands.

Read entire articleJun 13 2014 - 7:17pm
Disrespect of Women Is Everyone’s Problem

Whitney McFarlane had cause to write this letter to the young men of the Virgin Islands after witnessing a young man who was trying to get the attention of a young woman in a crude way and became violent because she would not respond as he would have liked.

Read entire articleJun 3 2014 - 7:19pm
The Salvation Army Needs Community's Support

The Salvation Army informs the community of the terrible things that have been keeping them from helping the poor and the needy on St. Thomas. It asks for support and help.

Read entire articleMay 28 2014 - 4:57pm
Chamber of Commerce Calls for Public Hearings

The Board of Directors of the St. Thomas-St. John Chamber of Commerce answers a charge by the CEO of Choice Communications concerning the Chamber’s opinion on the RT Park controversy.

Read entire articleMay 26 2014 - 4:14pm