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Man Injured in Hospital Ground Shooting

A man was injured Friday evening by shots fired near the Lima Grocery Store in the area of Hospital Ground,…

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Jul 30, 2013 - 02:07

It is so good to see that WAPA is switching from fossil fuel to propane. Maybe this will decrease the utility bill. As for the utility bill, I suggest that anyone with a drastic increase to their bill (with no drastic changes to usage) question it. A family member of mines had a increase in his WAPA bill from $292 to $400 in one month, and from $400 to $895 the next. The $400 bill was not questioned, because a new ac unit was added to the home; however, the thought of paying a WAPA bill that was a mortgage note was unbelievable. After going to WAPA to question the bill, my family member was notified that the meter was read wrong. Long story short, WAPA is crediting him for the two months. The $400 bill was wrong also. I'm concerned for all the elderly people who don't question their bill and just pay it. Will they be reimbursed also??

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That's a shame! I had that same thing happen to me..but it's a good thing I know how to read my meter and do so every month on the day the meter reader comes out. I do feel for the elderly people that are not aware of the "Errors in the reading!"

News Flash ****** Propane is a Fossil Fuel. ******

Thank you for the news flash. Knowledge is key to a better ME... Either way it goes, propane is cheaper, so kudos to WAPA for that. The overall concept I wanted others to gain from my comment is to be mindful of the WAPA bill, and to assist those whom are paying too much unnecessarily.

Not sure Propane is much cheaper? WAPA has a long history of not making the VI government pay their electrical bills as well as the inability to read meter correctly. It is almost criminal how they screw up electrical bills!

I agree. I put Solar on my house and had to go to WAPA 3 times (total of 5.5 hours of my time) to get their level of understanding up to speed. They were billing me for the power used and also the power I produced. Sheesh. Now, 6 months after install I have a credit of 953 dollars so we know we can put some AC into the bedrooms.