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Three events are slated for the opening of the school year – V.I. Fathers Back to School Barbecue and Fun Day on Saturday, Aug. 27; the Back to School Days of Prayer on Saturday , Sept. 3, and Sunday, Sept. 4; and the V.I. Fathers March on Sept. 6, the first day of school for public schools in the territory. Organizers are encouraging fathers to take their children back to school starting on the first day.

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VI Government Delinquent on Tax Returns
Nov 10, 2011 - 08:11

Lead by Example VI Government! Its criminal the way you treat the people that you owe Tax Return money too! We are relying on these funds that you are withholding from us!8 months since tax deadline April 18th and still no refund?This is nuts!When you need money ,you seem to find a way to get it!Any Information to give us? You say that you need taxes owed to you by the people but you cant even refund people money that are owed to them!Get it together! Lead by Example! What a joke our VI Government is! I am a pissed off taxpayer that wants his Tax Return money!!

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Today I called the IRB on St. Croix and was told that nothing was being processed.
Since June I have been told call back in two weeks
Today I was told not to even bother calling back.
Senator Hill's Office told me there was nothing I could do as the VI has its own tax code, therefore they did not need to abide by the Federal Tax Code Regulations.
"If you want to File a Lawsuit...go ahead... It won't change a thing"
Not Really what you would expect from an Elected Official....You would think the proper response would be " Please give me your name and number..We will see what we can find out for you..."

Basically unless you are on the top...or work for those on the are simply not important.
I will say that when I call Donna's Office they seemed somewhat concerend.. The Governer's office took my name and number...I will report back and inform the readers as to whom did respond to my numerous calls today....
But I am not counting on any help from Ms. Anderson or Senator Hill's office as it appears that this is just normal business as far as they are concerned and of no importance to them.

You are so right what we need to do is start a real protest . Lets sign a petition that says we are not going to vote for any senator that is in office now. And mean it . Protesting and marching is getting us no where . Scare the senators that they might lose there jobs just like we might, will work. We all agreeed to an 8 percent cut because we wanted to keep our jobs . I personally like a few senators however, they are doing nothing but saying yes we know , we are working on it. We support the people as we drive our suv with the money the taxpayers gave them. It seems there was no problem taking the money for taxes out of my pay check . IT MY MONEY AND I WANT IT NOW .

I heard a VI Crime Stoppers ad while on the way to work today saying we should all call to report cases of corruption with public officials. I was tempted to call, but feared I would be charged with making a frivolous call. I am not afraid to write, however.

Gov De Jongh, VI Senators, I want my tax return filed on March 1st, 2011 back. I want 8% of my salary back. WAPA,Do your mothers know you are thieves?

Michael Morgan

I feel your pain. Paying tax refunds is not a high priority for the VI gov't, especially during a down economy. I would dare say that your tax refund money (along with the refund money of countless others) is probably being used to supplement the gov'ts $14 million bi-weekly payroll & other operating expenses. Best of luck.