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Gov. John deJongh Jr. offers News Years wishes, and thanks to the people of the Virgin Islands for the honor of electing him to serve as their governor.

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Incarcerating criminal police convicts
Jan 17, 2011 - 09:01

It seems that convicted police persons are sent to the states for incarceration to savethem the embarrassment
of serving time with felons that they may have 'helped'
into jail.

This causes unnnecessary expense to the taxpayers of the territory.

A new law specifying local incarceration for crimes comitted here might give thoughts to those contemplating
such actvities.

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Where do you invent your information from. What officers are being incarcerated abroad to save them embarrassment? Do you have names? Last I checked most if not all of the officers convicted recently were in federal courts and are housed in Federal Penitentiaries which are not located in the territory. So your argument, unless you have facts to prove otherwise are, as I suspect, inflammatory in nature designed to draw unnecessary attention to a situation that does not require it. I will equate it to simple saber rattling and nothing more.