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Lauritz Larry Thomas Dies

Lauritz Larry Thomas, also known as “Nine,” died on April 18.
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Eleanor G. James Dies at 73

Eleanor G. James, better known as Glory,” died on June 15 at her residence.
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Marvin Anselmo Fraser Sr. Dies

Marvin Anselmo Fraser Sr. died on June 21.
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Ashyla T Rey’nea Gordon Dies

Ashyla T Rey’nea Gordon died on June 18.
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Noel Green

Noel Green Dies at 76

Noel Green, formerly of Tortola died on Friday, June 23, at his residence.
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Leonie Riddle

Leonie Riddle Dies in Texas

Leonie Riddle died at the age of 76.
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Susanna Maynard

Susanna Maynard Dies at 89

Susanna Maynard, also known as Suzette Maynard, died on June 16.
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Dominic Prescott

Dominic Prescott Dies

Dominic Prescott died on June 10.
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Ben Brookes

Bentley Leroy Brookes Dies at 56

Bentley Leroy Brookes, better known as “Ben” of Nevis, died on Sunday, June 18, at his St. Thomas home.
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Donna Brooks Allen Dies in Massachusetts

Donna Brooks-Allen, loving wife, mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, cousin and friend to so many, died at the age of 52 at Brigham and Women's Hospital on June 19.
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