Saturday, October 21, 2017 10:48 pm Last modified: 8:06 am

Crown Bay Center Asks Tenants to Remove Merchandise by Oct. 13

Virgin Islands Port Authority

All Crown Bay Center tenants are asked to remove their merchandise and property from their stores and/or other leased premises in the Center by close of business on Friday, Oct. 13, according to a press release from Executive Director David Mapp of the V.I. Port Authority (VIPA). 

VIPA is conducting emergency, post-Hurricane repairs to Crown Bay Center in preparation for the upcoming tourist season, Mapp said.  Merchandise should be removed by tenants for safeguarding.

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Tenants with questions or concerns should contact VIPA’s property management office at 774-1629 or email

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    What up coming tourist season in a disaster zone?
    Gonna market it as a devastation holiday?
    Mapp can’t facilitate nor provide overall basic services for people that live here.
    Obviously, he needs a REALITY CHECK!

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