Saturday, October 21, 2017 10:43 pm Last modified: 8:06 am

Virgin Islanders Use Crowd Power To Spread Word on What V.I. Businesses Are Open Again

Tracking down what businesses are and are not yet open amid storm cleanup, unreliable utilities and general chaos throughout the territory. But more and more businesses of all kinds are opening their doors and bit by bit life is returning. But fortunately, some Virgin Islanders have harnessed the power of the crowd and of social media to find out and disseminate the information.  Some as yet anonymous civic-minded folks have created two online spreadsheets in Google Docs, where anyone can post their own notices, either for their own business or for others they happen to know about.

The information may not be 100 percent up to date or entirely accurate. But click the links below in Related Links for a pretty good list of what is open.

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