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Senators, When Will Quality Education Be Your Priority?

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There was a news article last week about technology access in the public schools.

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That information should have specified public schools in St. Thomas. As you will recall from the school tours, there are more computers and access to computers on St. Thomas public schools.

Example: Alfredo Andrews Elementary School has 500+ students with one computer lab. Remember, the students from Charles Emmanuel elementary were placed at AAES. Additional computers are stored waiting for technician.

Equity for St. Croix public schools continues to be a problem, and not just in technology. Understand that confidence with the smartphone does not mean confidence with a mouse which is needed for the online standardized tests.

The article boasted of the access to technology being available after school.

As of October, there was not one Afterschool program in STX public schools. The public libraries still need funding to have 4-8pm service provided for students. Given the poor economy, households do not have internet service, and assignments are more and more computer related.

Education is the answer, senators. When will quality education be your priority?

Mary L. Moorhead, St. Croix

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