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Dangerous Speed Limit Problem Needs Attention

Dear Source:

This is a follow-up to my letter about how dangerous the Magens Bay Road has become due to speeding. My letter was published Sept.21, 2016. The Magens Bay Board held a meeting two days later on Sept.23, 2016 and The Source had a reporter there. You published a story about the same topic.

There has been communication by the Board to Public Works for the last two months. The results have produced new signs to be placed on the road. Frankly, there are enough signs on the road that state the speed limit of 10 mph. The fact is that no one abides by the speed limit regardless of how many signs are there. Speeding is the problem and it needs to be seriously addressed by the VI Government.

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Public Works has "passed the buck" to the Police Dept. who said they don’t have enough patrol cars to monitor the road. The road is considered a Federal Highway and the process to make any changes, i.e. rumble strips, speed bumps, cameras, is not a consideration by Public Works.

No one of authority seems to care about the speeding or will do anything about it. Signs have not proven to work. Does Governor Mapp or Senators need to get involved? The safety of anyone that walks, jogs, bicycles on the Magens Bay Road is in danger.

Someone is going to get hurt! Speed Kills!

Lori Emery, St. Thomas

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