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Ackley Releases ‘Contract With the Virgin Islands’

Today, Republican nominee for Congress Gordon Ackley released a platform for his general election campaign against incumbent Democrat Stacey Plaskett. Entitled “Contract with the Virgin Islands,” the four-point platform specifically lays out how the St. Thomas businessman and Air Force veteran will work with the congressional majority to deliver for the Virgin Islands.
“This isn’t a platform of promises,” said Ackley. “My platform is a contract that specifically sets out my side of the bargain with the electorate.”
Among the platform’s specifics, Ackley will:
– Ensure equality for Virgin Islanders under the American flag.
– Establish a Coast Guard station.
– Appropriate federal funds for K-12 public schools on each island,
including a high school on St. John.
– Provide federal incentives to businesses that create career
opportunities for the next generation of Virgin Islanders.
– Establish a Veterans Affairs hospital, ensuring that veterans no
longer travel off-island.
For more information, contact: Dennis Lennox at 202-709-9615.

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